The BEST Man In The World.


"That would be a better question for Pawa..." I answered. I looked over to her. She was helping him up.
*View Change! Now this is Pawa narrating*
I helped him up for reasons unknown. I knew that he wasn't the bomber, he wouldn't stoop that low.
"This is Normandy Raider. Don't attack. Although I would love that.." I muttered. He picked me up around the neck (with a choke grip) and gave me a hard through over his shoulder. I started punching and kicking him, though with all of those nasty too-big muscles, I probably didn't hurt him.
"Ha! Stop that tickles!" He laughed in a husky voice. He threw me on the ground and that knocked all the air out of me. Lowey came running up to me.
"Pawa are you O.K.? Turn into a cannon please." She requested.
"Why? I just said 'don't fire'!"
"That way I can pick you up without falling over. You too fat!" She laughed. I turned into a cannon.
"How about I treat you all to soup? I would be a good chance for me to introduce myself and for me and my lady-friend to catch up." He suggested. Holy Cow! Lady-Friend?! Him being nice?! Is this a nightmare?!