I spun around to see a huge arm grab Pawa. "What is it the bomber!?", I shouted to Lowey. Before she could answer, another arm appeared from the shadows. "Lowey DUCK!", I shouted and she did just that. Maka grabbed Lowey and Pawa as Soul fended off the arms. It stepped forward, reveiling a very muscular man. "Luna, Umbra, Twin Pole formation!", I shouted and the two jumped into the air and grabbed the mans arms. "WEEEEEE, this is fun!", Luna shouted. "On the otherside, we could all die here...", Umbra sighed in a monotone voice. Suddenly, they morohed into guanlets and the man crashed to the ground. "H-Hey, why can't I move!?", he shouted as I walked up to him. "Simple, your soul wavelength and Umbra and Luna's wavelengths don't match, because of this, you can't wield them...their too heavy for you, so you come crashing down and pinned from the weight of the gauntlets.", I explained to the large man as he struggled. "Now Lowey, before I ask to do anything, who is this?", I asked her as I turned to see her.