Seraphi-Bomb site

"Luna, Umbra, follow me!", I shouted as they ran next to me. The two of them are pretty fast for being so tiny. We followed Lowey and Pawa as well as Maka and Soul, and it was getting harder to see with all the debry and dust/smoke. We arrived after several minutes, and found ourselves near a blast crater. "That's a big bomb!", Pawa shouted as Maka and Soul peered down into it. I searched the area, the rooftops, and down the allys. "Someone or something is watching us, theres no way a bobmer would run and forgetr this.", I said to the others as Luna leaped on my back. "Why?", Lowey said as she turned to look at me. "SImple, bombers see their explosions as an art form to be appriciated...if would watch from a safe distance as it blew up...the odd thing is that how, if this was a bomb, did the bomber get it set without anyone knowing...that is how I know we're being watched.", I told her as Maka and Soul walked out of the crater. "If thats true, then how do we figure out if we're being watched.", Maka said. "Aren't you able to do that...I thought you had an enhanced wavelength that could seek out other wavelengths?", I replied to Maka. She nodded and began to search. "So, what do we do now, do you think it was a Kishin attack?", Lowey said. "Wha...K-kishin!?", Luna said in a trembling voice. "Yeeees...a Kishin...BOO!", Umbra said as she jumped up behind Luna. Luna screamed as Umbra scared her. "Sis...thats not funny!", Luna complained. "Hey now you two, behave yourselves!", I said as they nodded. "So, now what, what do you think it was?", I asked Lowey.