The Question- Oh How It Never Gets Asked


I wrote a note to Seraphi saying to meet me out on that balcony after school. It got passed and passed over from person to person and finally got to him. He read it and nodded.
* Time * Travel *
I walked out to that balcony that overlooked this whole side of the city. How could there be bad in this city (even though it is called Death City. How ironic.)? I looked at the city and heard footsteps, then lighter footsteps. Luna was holding Seraphi's hand and swinging it and Umbra was walking on the other of him. How cute! Those girls are just too cute. I wonder if they get that from their parents? Hmmmm...
"Hey, what did you want to talk about?" Seraphi asked.
"Well you know the question that I've been trying to ask you?"
"Ya? What about it?"
"Well, on my-"
All of a sudden, there was a HUGE explosion. Like, 50 C4 explosions! Debris and ash fluttered it the air, and I heard the girls (well, maybe girl) scream in fright from the explosion. I heard footsteps run up the hall and outside to us.
" Holy erm, snap crackle pop! Did you see that?! It was huge! What was that?! A atom-" Pawa began. I gave her a look like: do you want the girls to have nightmares?!, so she shut up. Mart- I mean Maka and Rato- I mean Soul (sorry, game humor) ran out here.
"Is every one all right?" Soul asked.
"Lets go take a look." Maka suggested. Yay! We are on our way to a bomb site! What luck!