These are tasks set up for the students to help them gather souls. The missions are devided into two diffrent divisions. The first section is for Miesters with weapons. The second section is for Miesters without weapons. They will be rated by difficulty. E-A. A being the hardest, E for easy.
Up to three people can accept the same quest and can accept up to two quests at a time. Please comment on which quest you wish to accept. Note:new quests will appear weekly, all quest not compleated will be removed at the end of each month.Students with out partners will not be rewarded with souls but credits.

M & W

(B)-ghost storiesStange rumors are going around about people hanging out in a resticted graveyard. some people say they 're are ghosts haunting their grave others say they are criminals burying their victims.what ever the cause get to the bottom of this.
missionfind what is causing all this distress.{3 souls possible}
(C)-Disapperences: People are mysteriously disappearing. People with blond hair and blue eyes are being targeted. Again?
Area: Public places in Karman City (Coffee shop, malls ect...)
Mission: Find who is responsible use force if reason is out of the question.{1 soul possible}
(C)-necromancerA necromancer has stolen some souls from the accademy
we don't know how this witch-servant will use them but we need to get them as fast as possible.
Area-Death city(includes graveyard)
mission reclaim the stolen souls and return them to lord Death

{1 soul possible}



W or M

(D)-Coffee problems:the best coffee shop's owner has gone on vacation to a nearby island, Some teachers arn't pleased about it and is effecting their teaching.
Area:Island south of Death city
Mission:go Convince the coffee owner to come back and shorten his
vacation.{100 credits}
(D)-under coverHelp Professor Stein fix up a test by finding out what students struggle with.
missiontalk to students