My Persons

Name:Pawāranchi Teso
gender: Girl
weapon or meister: weapon
appearance: A small, delicate looking girl with longer, navy blue hair. Has dull blue eyes. Wears a white shirt that spreads down into an apron, along with black flats.
height:5 feet 6 inches
background:Caring, sweet, and protective. Family was hospitalized for 6 or so years due to terrible burns.
other: Can turn into this (go here) a tesla-beaton prototype, or simply a rocket launcher
picture(optional):External Image

Now her meister!

Name: Shinchōna Monsutā aka Lowey
Gender: Girl
Weapon or Meister: Miester
Appearance: Short brown hair with large green eyes. Black tee shirts with one of those shirts over it. Shorts jean shorts and tennis shoes.
Height:5 feet 5 inches
Background:Has been known to been weak. Isn't very strong and doubts herself.
Other:Can learn info from looking at a person. ex. can learn weak spots, likes, family members, etc. Shades Below; summons bones, gravestones, or iron cross to impale the enemy.