Seraphi Asmultima

Name: Seraphi Asmaltima

Gender: Male

Weapon or Meister: Meister

Appearence: Long white hair with blue streaks, in a long ponytail. Yellow eyes, and a fairly muscular build.

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Background: Came to the DWMA to become a much more powerful force in the world. When he was young, a witch killed his parents and he swore that one day, he would kill her. Because of him being alone, he is a laidback, yet very strict person who doesn't really know how to be around people. He is usually seen reading or studying since he has a very large IQ.

Other(Unusual Power): Capable of using the Soul Purge technique, similar to Stein but instead of electricity, Seraphi releases it as a high-intensity laser beam or ball.