Hello and welcome to the DWMA-death/weapon meister academy.My name is Maka Albarn.I'm here to show you the ropes at this academy.This academy's goal is to hunt down kishin/evil souls.If us meisters collect 99 kishin souls and one witch soul, It will turn our weapon partner into a death sythe, an extremely powerful weapon used by death/the headmaster himself.

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Black Kiss-Cecilia Asmara
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima
kittyluv15-Logan Stein
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā
ZelostheGreat-Pawaranchi Teso
kittyluv15-Anezka Raziel
Itachiweasle-Luna and Umbra
Black Kiss-Demetri and Ivan
Pokemon Professer-Chip Fox

Black Kiss-Cece and her partners Demetri and Ivan
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 D souls: I souls:
Kittyluv15-Logan stein and his partner Anezka Raiziel
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima his partners Luna and Umbra
---Lvl 1 Credits:200 L souls:4 U souls:4
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā and her partner Pawaranchi Teso
---Lvl 1 Credits:70 souls:7
Pokemon Professer- Chip Fox
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:1
Missionshttp://www.theotaku.com/worlds/deathacademy/view/204529/missions/ 2nd
You are encouraged to go and make your own problems as well!Just remember only up to three souls per person per quest, don't make a quest worth 10, it's not fair to other students.

Challenge:Students are challenged to spread the word about the academy
send/pm me(Alicie) a list of people you have sent/pm and for each one that joins you will get a soul from the headmaster himself!We need more students, come and help us out.

My Persons

Name:Pawāranchi Teso gender: Girl weapon or meister: weapon appearance: A small, delicate looking girl with longer, navy blue hair. Has dull blue eyes. Wears a white shirt that spreads down into an apron, along with black flats....

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Seraphi Asmultima

Name: Seraphi Asmaltima

Gender: Male

Weapon or Meister: Meister

Appearence: Long white hair with blue streaks, in a long ponytail. Yellow eyes, and a fairly muscular build.

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Background: Came to the DWMA to become a much more powerful force in the world. When he was young, a witch killed his parents and he swore that one day, he would kill her. Because of him being alone, he is a laidback, yet very strict person who doesn't really know how to be around people. He is usually seen reading or studying since he has a very large IQ.

Other(Unusual Power): Capable of using the Soul Purge technique, similar to Stein but instead of electricity, Seraphi releases it as a high-intensity laser beam or ball.

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weapon or meister(pick one):
other(unusual ability):

just comment or pm me the sign up sheet and I'll set you up.If you want an actual character just tell me who it is and I'll set you up.
You can have up to 2 meisters/weapons.


1) You must collect 99 kishin souls before a witch's soul. If you fail to do so, all souls will be confiscated.

2)Respect fellow classmates

3)You may dual students with teacher's supervision

4)you must have our permission befor you kill(accept a mission)

5)keep things appropriate pg13 and below

If you fail to follow these rules you will be expelled