Hello and welcome to the DWMA-death/weapon meister academy.My name is Maka Albarn.I'm here to show you the ropes at this academy.This academy's goal is to hunt down kishin/evil souls.If us meisters collect 99 kishin souls and one witch soul, It will turn our weapon partner into a death sythe, an extremely powerful weapon used by death/the headmaster himself.

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Black Kiss-Cecilia Asmara
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima
kittyluv15-Logan Stein
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā
ZelostheGreat-Pawaranchi Teso
kittyluv15-Anezka Raziel
Itachiweasle-Luna and Umbra
Black Kiss-Demetri and Ivan
Pokemon Professer-Chip Fox

Black Kiss-Cece and her partners Demetri and Ivan
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 D souls: I souls:
Kittyluv15-Logan stein and his partner Anezka Raiziel
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima his partners Luna and Umbra
---Lvl 1 Credits:200 L souls:4 U souls:4
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā and her partner Pawaranchi Teso
---Lvl 1 Credits:70 souls:7
Pokemon Professer- Chip Fox
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:1
Missionshttp://www.theotaku.com/worlds/deathacademy/view/204529/missions/ 2nd
You are encouraged to go and make your own problems as well!Just remember only up to three souls per person per quest, don't make a quest worth 10, it's not fair to other students.

Challenge:Students are challenged to spread the word about the academy
send/pm me(Alicie) a list of people you have sent/pm and for each one that joins you will get a soul from the headmaster himself!We need more students, come and help us out.

Sky Evans

Name: Skylar "Sky" Evans
Gender: Female
Appearance: Looks simular to Soul. Has hair in 2 ponytails usually, and wears a black hoodie and a long-sleeved purple shirt with black stripes.
Height: same as Soul's
Background: Soul's twin sister, who like him, wanted to to get away from music. She always is complaining and can be kind hearted. She is always worried about her twin. Her weapon is Blaze Rei, the twin kantana of Battry Rei, Blue Star's weapon. She also likes Death the Kid because he agrees with her alot.
Other: Being Soul's twin, she is also a Death Scythe. She is able to perform Renosance with Soul, Blaze, and Kid. She plays the same song of Soul's but with a flute instead.
Picture link:http://i777.photobucket.com/albums/yy57/kyonkichi13/Decorated%20images/akane2bg.jpg

Back to the lab and Singing

I was walking back to the lab after I finished reading at the library. "Hey Stein, here are the books you wanted.", I said as I laid three large books at his desk. "Yep.", He replied as he finished a cigarette and started a new one. "Where were yo...

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We walked to the Karaoke Barn, and got signed up. After a few songs, we finallllllllllly got on! It felt like forever!
"Up next we have Shinchona Monsuta and Pawaranchi Teso. Give them a round of applause!" The Emcee said. The room filled with clapping as we walked on stage.
"Your song is Don't Go Breaking My Heart (what a random song...) by Elton John!" Another wave of clapping filled the room.
"He he he... They must of thought you were a guy Pawa." I whispered to her. Sshe laughed. They music played. I gulped. Well, here goes nothing.
The words lit up on the screen as we sang them. This is fun!
"Nobody knows it!" We sang. We sounded good.
"When I was down," Pawa sang. She always sings like she is joking.
"I was your clown." I replied. After multiple choruses, our song was over.
"Do you want to sing more?" Pawa asked.
"Yes." I said as someone tested the mic.

back to the streets

As I walked outside, I let out a deep sigh. "I don't think her father likes me much...", I said as I began to walk through the streets. We noticed the sun high in the sky, and we wandered into the middle of town. "Lets go to the DMWA.", I said as we wandered throught the park towards the large school. I walked into the library and took a seat at a table. I pulled out a book about kishin, excalibur, and fighting techniques. "Excalibur, huh?", I mumbled as heard footsteps come from behind me. I turned to see Kid there. "I wouldn't do it...don't read it.", he said as he glared at the book. "Ohhhh..um sure.", I said as I put the book back. Anyway, I think I'll stay here a while.

Misson Time- Blondes

Pawa Well, our guest have left, we have gotten dressed, and we both very bored. "Hey, do you know that all a lot of blonds have been going missing?" I pointed out. "We should take on that mission." She moaned, bored as well. I t...

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