Hello and welcome to the DWMA-death/weapon meister academy.My name is Maka Albarn.I'm here to show you the ropes at this academy.This academy's goal is to hunt down kishin/evil souls.If us meisters collect 99 kishin souls and one witch soul, It will turn our weapon partner into a death sythe, an extremely powerful weapon used by death/the headmaster himself.

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Black Kiss-Cecilia Asmara
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima
kittyluv15-Logan Stein
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā
ZelostheGreat-Pawaranchi Teso
kittyluv15-Anezka Raziel
Itachiweasle-Luna and Umbra
Black Kiss-Demetri and Ivan
Pokemon Professer-Chip Fox

Black Kiss-Cece and her partners Demetri and Ivan
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 D souls: I souls:
Kittyluv15-Logan stein and his partner Anezka Raiziel
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima his partners Luna and Umbra
---Lvl 1 Credits:200 L souls:4 U souls:4
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā and her partner Pawaranchi Teso
---Lvl 1 Credits:70 souls:7
Pokemon Professer- Chip Fox
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:1
Missionshttp://www.theotaku.com/worlds/deathacademy/view/204529/missions/ 2nd
You are encouraged to go and make your own problems as well!Just remember only up to three souls per person per quest, don't make a quest worth 10, it's not fair to other students.

Challenge:Students are challenged to spread the word about the academy
send/pm me(Alicie) a list of people you have sent/pm and for each one that joins you will get a soul from the headmaster himself!We need more students, come and help us out.

Seraphi - On my way home

I was walking home from the school. "At least I know a bit now...", I yawned as I wondered if it was okay to go to Steins. "Maybe I'll just sleep outside...TO THE PARK!!", I shouted as I marched to the park. I got there a little past 10 pm and very few people were around. "It's illegal to sleep on a park bench but no one is here so..", I said as I looked around. "I'll help Lowey with the decorations tomorrow.", I mumbled as I dozed off on the bench.

Cece~This Dancing Lesson is now in SESSION!

So, the knots were tougher than expected. I was first done with the gag and Ivan Said to me that "Demetri wanted to interrupt your guy's conversation. But being the nice guy i am~ i refused to let him do that." he smiled evily at Demetri. "So i tied him up and waited for you to finish your FASINATING conversation." he smiled at me and i raised my eye brows at them. Wierdos

The day went by so slow the next day. I just couldn't wait. I had no idea why. Usually i pay attention in school but when Miss Marie called on me to answer her question, Ivan had to slap me for me to pay attention. (Much to his relish.)
Finally. School was out. Miss Marie left and i moved her table to the side and put Ivan's boombox on top of that. Then i sat down in Miss Maries chair and twirled myself around. Finally Seraphi came back in and said "Sorry im late. Had to drop Luna and Umbra off with Pawa. So. you ready to teach me how to dance."
"Yup. All set. I've got Ivan's boombox." I used a motion with my hands to show that it was on the table. "And im comfortable to dance." i smiled and walked over to the boombox and put on a slow song.
"Okay. Ill teach you the walts."

3 hours later.

"No, you put your hand on MY waist. Not on my shoulder. We rehearsed this and hour ago."

3 more hours later.

"YES! You finally got it! You learn quickly you know." i smiled crossing my fingers behind my back. "You now know the basics of three main dances."
"Thanks." Seraphi said kindly. "Your a great teacher!"
"I know~" I glanced over and Ivan and Demetri snoring in the corner.
Seraphi looked at them and made a wierd face. "Lets go." he said strangely.
"I think we've overstayed our visit at the school."

"I agree."

It was 9 o' clock.

What Happened that Night


Shinchona, or Lowey as they called her, fell asleep when she sat down in the chair. She seemed too tired to wake her up, so I moved her to one of the lab beds. Even with me moving her, she did not stir. She was still and gentle, and looked dead. But she wasn't. I sighed. I am used to having Seraphi and Luna and Umbra around, but this seemed so different. I found a blanket and threw the sheet on top of her. She turned, but didn't wake. I walked into my room. All that soft, untempered skin. Pure and stitchless.
"That should be changed." I whispered along with a with a wide smile. I got my supplies, and chose a good spot on her left side. I went to work. After a while, I finished. I will not tell you the details, but I will say that it turned out good. I wiped the blood off of her side, and let her sleep. I was quite tired myself.

This Dance Thing... Ugh

Lowey I ate my lunch, got put down by my teacher (I need not give you the details), was really tired, and found out that Chip sits next to me and Pawa. There is a empty spot between her and me, and as the class period rolls on, I s...

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Fake Post- Joy Ride


Lowey, or is it?!

I hear sirens. The wind in my hair give me a feeling of pure freedom. Here is how my day started:
I was walking home from getting some supplies for the dance, when I passed by Marta Maka and Ratatosk's Soul's apartment. Souls motorcycle was running, and it looked like they had just gone in to get something. I love riding motorcycles (I really do!)! I love the cool air blowing against my face as all I see is street. I went up to the bike, put on the helmet, and drove off. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! I JUST COMMITTED A 10851! Oh well. I throttled the gas and let it purr. I ripped down the street, and went up onto a empty, abandoned street. Lets see that this sweetheart can do. I pushed it full and fast as it raced down the street. I laughed all the way. I turned the street as I heard police sirens. I smiled a grim and sadistic smile as I pushed her. Few moments later I was on a highway with 6 cruisers after me.
"Pull over immediately!" A blow horn buzzed as I speed faster. Alright, this is enough, she is in enough trouble already. I crashed the bike over a bridge as I leaped to safety. I removed my wig and smiled. I hope she gets it bad. Heh.