Hello and welcome to the DWMA-death/weapon meister academy.My name is Maka Albarn.I'm here to show you the ropes at this academy.This academy's goal is to hunt down kishin/evil souls.If us meisters collect 99 kishin souls and one witch soul, It will turn our weapon partner into a death sythe, an extremely powerful weapon used by death/the headmaster himself.

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Black Kiss-Cecilia Asmara
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima
kittyluv15-Logan Stein
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā
ZelostheGreat-Pawaranchi Teso
kittyluv15-Anezka Raziel
Itachiweasle-Luna and Umbra
Black Kiss-Demetri and Ivan
Pokemon Professer-Chip Fox

Black Kiss-Cece and her partners Demetri and Ivan
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 D souls: I souls:
Kittyluv15-Logan stein and his partner Anezka Raiziel
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima his partners Luna and Umbra
---Lvl 1 Credits:200 L souls:4 U souls:4
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā and her partner Pawaranchi Teso
---Lvl 1 Credits:70 souls:7
Pokemon Professer- Chip Fox
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:1
Missionshttp://www.theotaku.com/worlds/deathacademy/view/204529/missions/ 2nd
You are encouraged to go and make your own problems as well!Just remember only up to three souls per person per quest, don't make a quest worth 10, it's not fair to other students.

Challenge:Students are challenged to spread the word about the academy
send/pm me(Alicie) a list of people you have sent/pm and for each one that joins you will get a soul from the headmaster himself!We need more students, come and help us out.

Seraphi-Fixed again

I walked out of the room 5 minutes later. "Alright, how long until the dance?", I asked Lowey who was sitting on a table talking with Luna, Umbra, and Pawa. "You're not going like that are you?", Luna chimmed as she pointed to my messy outfit. "What...I don't have anything else.", I said. "Aw Seraphi, you've never seen dances before have you?", Pawa and Lowey said as Stein walked out. "I'VE LIVED ON THE STREETS FOR MOST OF MY LIFE...OF COARSE NOT!", I shoated sarcastically. "Hey Stein, don't you have anything?", Lowey asked as he walked over to his chair. "Maybe...check the closet.", he said as Lowey stepped over to a cluttered wardrobe. "Now lets see...", she said as she opened it up.

Like Twins

Lowey I saw Seraphi's arm and gagged. Pawa, who must of came with the girls, would of stitched him up, but she has no stitching skills whatsoever. I had to stitch him the best I could until we could get him to Stein's. Pawa brought him up a...

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I stood there. "Uh...okay?", I said not sure what was going on. Suddenly I heard clapping. I spun to see Luna by the door smiling. "Luna, how did you get here?", I said. "YOU STUPID IDIOTIC EMBARRASING SMEAR ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET...", Umbra yelled in a monotone voice as her foot came colliding with my face. "Wha-", I stuttered as I flew across the room towards the door, and spun across the ground like a hockey puck. "I have NO idea what is going on...", I mumbled rubbing my face. "Seraphi!", Lowey shouted as she ran over while Umbra picked me up by the collar. "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU AND LOWEY TO KISS...SIS HAS BEEN NAGGING ME TO DO SET YOU TWO UP...BUT NO, YOU TWO KEEP SCREWING UP!!!", Umbra shouted again in a monotone voice. The room fell silent and Umbra let go. "Ahem...my bad.", Umbra coughed as she swept the dusk off her, bowed, and backed away towards Luna. "Weeell...that was something I never would have seen coming...", Lowey said as she helped me up. Pawa walked over and laughed. "Uhm...still Umbra...that hurt.", I said as I got my balance. "I felt cold on my arm. I looked down and my arm was dangling. "Um...yeah Lowey, could you hand me my arm...and Umbra, can you get me some thred.", I said as I sat down at a table and began to stitch my arm up.

The Untangeable Kiss


"Ya?" I asked. I looked away from the stray balloons and to Seraphi.
"So..." He started. I stood up.
"Ya? Spit it out!"
"Do you have anyone you're going to the dance with?" I stared at him.
"No... Why?! Do you!" I meant more to ask him than to sound shocked.
"No." There was a flow of silence. I took a step closer and threw my arms around him. I leaned in and...
"No. I'm sorry." I started to walk away.


"I am SO excited." i screamed to Demetri and Ivan for the 7th billion time (Equals 7 times). I was picking out dresses for the dance. Demetri and Ivan had already picked out there tuxido's. They actually looked pretty handsome in them. Ivan had choosen a deep red tuxido and a black tie with stripes. I helped Demetri pick out his. Deme chose a gray tuxido with a deep blue tie that had a button on it that made it flash lights.
I walked out of the dressing room where Demetri and Ivan sat. "How does this look." i asked. It was a purple dress with lots of layers. Each layer was a darker shade then the last. A big bow was tied on my side and i was wearing black boots with buckled on them.
Ivan cracked up and i frowned. "You look very pretty." Demetri said glaring at his brother.
"Thank you!" I twirled and looked at myself in every angle possible.
"Ill get these please." I told the casier. "Im so excited." i whispered. They roled there eyes. "Maybe i can dance with Chip!"
"Girlfriend!" They said in unison.
"Uug! I wont have anybody to go with to the dance!"
"Hey you'll be going with us." Demetri said encouragingly.

That just made me scream when we got home from the store. Ill find someone to dance with at the dance. No worries, Cece. You'll find someone at the dance. I told myself. No worries.

I sat there for another three hours. Better start getting ready for the dance.