Hello and welcome to the DWMA-death/weapon meister academy.My name is Maka Albarn.I'm here to show you the ropes at this academy.This academy's goal is to hunt down kishin/evil souls.If us meisters collect 99 kishin souls and one witch soul, It will turn our weapon partner into a death sythe, an extremely powerful weapon used by death/the headmaster himself.

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Black Kiss-Cecilia Asmara
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima
kittyluv15-Logan Stein
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā
ZelostheGreat-Pawaranchi Teso
kittyluv15-Anezka Raziel
Itachiweasle-Luna and Umbra
Black Kiss-Demetri and Ivan
Pokemon Professer-Chip Fox

Black Kiss-Cece and her partners Demetri and Ivan
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 D souls: I souls:
Kittyluv15-Logan stein and his partner Anezka Raiziel
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:
Itachiweasle-Seraphi Asmaltima his partners Luna and Umbra
---Lvl 1 Credits:200 L souls:4 U souls:4
ZelostheGreat-Shinchōna Monsutā and her partner Pawaranchi Teso
---Lvl 1 Credits:70 souls:7
Pokemon Professer- Chip Fox
---Lvl 1 Credits:50 souls:1
Missionshttp://www.theotaku.com/worlds/deathacademy/view/204529/missions/ 2nd
You are encouraged to go and make your own problems as well!Just remember only up to three souls per person per quest, don't make a quest worth 10, it's not fair to other students.

Challenge:Students are challenged to spread the word about the academy
send/pm me(Alicie) a list of people you have sent/pm and for each one that joins you will get a soul from the headmaster himself!We need more students, come and help us out.


I smiled as Lowey stepped back and I got a little red. It was quite and no one else was around. "Um, so...do you want to go back to the dance?", I asked holding out my hand. There was a pause as Lowey reached for my hand. "Hehehe...so you two finally worked it out.", Umbra said as she swung down from the pipes and gave two thumbs up. Luna lept down next and chuckled. "You two were watching!?", Lowey said. "The WHOLE THING.", Luna rang as footsteps were coming. "Hey Luna...Umbra, where are you?", Pawa said as she turned the corner. "Eh...whats going on here?", she said with a couple of candy canes in her hands.

I Love You


The night air was just enough to keep me awake. We leaned against the low wall and looked out onto the city. It was nice, just me and him.
"Nice night huh?" Seraphi said. I looked at him.
"Ya. It couldn't be any better." A chilly breeze came through so I came in closer to him.
"Ya?" He looked down and smiled. I felt myself get red and I took a step away.
"Ar-are sure... That you like me? I mean, you could like Cece or any other pretty girl, yet you like me. Do you like me? For sure?" He smiled and came a bit closer to me.
"Lowey, we have been through a lot together. I'm- I love you."
"I love you too." I reached up and gave him a sweet, passionate kiss.

Back to the Dance

Lowey We got back to the dance safe and sound after we gave Chip and Mira about 10,000,000 thank-yous. The dance still seemed lively and fine, just the way we left it. Once we walked in though, we disturbed the whole scene. All heads turned...

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Chip- To the Rescue!

I saw Lowey and her partner walk out. Wasn't this their dance? Thats like leaving there own birthday party. I got suspicious so we slyly followed them. "Why are we doing this? What if they just need more punch mix or something?" Mira asked as we s...

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To My Bland Night I Give You Spices


I went outside into the cool air. I just looked out and thought about stuff. Like boys. Like colors. Like grass and summer. Like... There was an odd light coming from the graveyard, which was only about a mile or so away. I went back inside and found Pawa.
"Hey, lets go check something out." I said, impatient and wanting to get out.
"What? Well, ok. Whatever you want, oh forgotten one." She stood up and we left.
We got there and I made Pawa go weapon form.
"Hurry up! You're going to get us found!" Said a plugged female voice.
"Fine- But I better get double pay." Said a Russian-ish voice. We hid behind one of those graveyard-house things.
"Lets just blast them!" Pawa whispered.
"No. It looks like they have someone there, under hostage." I held her close so that I wouldn't drop her as I sneaked across the field.
"Oh no you don't" A big man with curly black hair dropped down, holding a hammer. This thin and sickly lady came and took Pawa while i was trapped under the big man.
"Pawa! Fire!" I yelled as he put his hand over my mouth. She let loose on the lady's scrawny stomach.
"Opf! Little brat!" The wound glowed a deep blue and healed itself. My world went black as the man put a blind fold over my head.
I was thrown into something hard, cold, and wooden. It must of been a coffin. Something else was set beside me. I could of been Pawa. Most likely.
"You ok?" Pawa asked. The man put my blind fold onto my mouth. It was Pawa. They cover of the coffin went over and got nailed down.
"Everything is going to be alright. And hey, if we do die, I wouldn't for died without you." She said in a soothing, calm, and well controlled voice.