WIP corner!!


crazy sketch

who doesn't like friday?

anywhoo, another super crazy sketch~~

secret wip~~

lol, i thought it's secret

*working on something very important for me*

more wips!!!

External Image
External Image

haha, flooding my wip folder!!
noooooo!! my 3-day vacation is almost over *sob* *sob*

gotta study for tomorrow's mega quiz on french history~~
wish me luck!!

wip no.5 or 6?

my stupid scanner ruined the picture... any way is he manly enough??
been practicing drawing guy people
soooooo, i'm in a massive hetalia mode after seeing this episode!
(if ya want to watch it clicky here )

America is sooo cute
England and France is fighting over who's going to be America's big brother
but America choose England poor france


Piri-tan or Vietnam?(da rumors)

i was goofing around DA until i saw this issue, i heard about this mysterious character known as "asia3"... (if ya want to know this rumor check out this ) they said it was piri-tan (Philippines), but the others were insisting that this was the new design for Vietnam... either way i was enjoying this topic...sooo i'm currently working on it (but if you're asking me who i think it is, i wanted her to be piri-tan, huhuhu, i hope Himaruya-sensei would consider her as piri-tan)