WIP corner!!



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wipsssssss, things i would try to finish~

ahhhhhh, thanksgiving break!!!!!

traditional vs digital

hi everybody!! i keep hearing about traditional vs digital thingy~
so i made a little poll about it

i just wanted to ask you guys, that if i were to finish this wip ( i can't remember when did i drew this XD), should i make it in traditional or digital??

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lol, i found this under my bed near the corner, i wonder how did it got there :S, ah my room is full of papers X3

sooooo post your opinion here~~

it's already 12:45 am!!

procrastinating sleep!!

everybody's sleeping, and i'm still awake

another wip, lol, i accidentally deleted my wip folder on my x drive... and this the only one left (i saved it on the desktop so i got to work on it)



lol, ditching sleep, over this thingy~~
ack!!it's already 12.11 am!!
and yuppers back on cging

i miss my tablet

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wip: featuring the 2 italys(is that right? or italies?)


is it Italys or Italies?
either way

hetaflu+history+spanish class+nica's cute gifs=hetafanatic
sooo the wip piccy:
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soooo scribbly~~