WIP corner!!


Shimejis!! and wip =w=

i got luffy, canacat and skoreacat on my screeenn!! ///spazz

chicken scrap =w='

i just noticed that my draft is like a crap =w="

i'm active again J*w*)J

i'm gonna start posting on my worlds again C:

bg wip~~

gyuhuhu~ haven't posted anything in a long while X3

but anywhoo, i'm starting to enjoy bg painting 8D

omg... 3 snow days in a row... O.O'


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just realized that i'm the only person in the hetalia family who haven't contributed anything yet *shot*, sooo i decided to make a picture for every single member XD

if you want to check out our family clicky here ;3

hetalia familyyyyyyyyyy
btw, i'm spain in there XD (i luv my spanish class soooo yeah XD)