WIP corner!!



It's been a long time since my last legit cg >w>"


i'm lazy to make a clean line art hahjshhjajhshdl OTL


arttrade with nicaness again~
i've been going out a lot this week =v= and it makes my legs hurt and it's so hooooooot it's like 101 outside + the huuummmmidiiity OTL
ignore my random complains >v>


We went to cousin's big house earlier~ lol her house is enormous and spacious and! and! loads of food *w*!

anways, for the wip thingy~
this is exactly how i do sketching =w=)b

btw, anyone want to guess who is he :3? i'll give free request on the first person who guess it right :'DD!

hasksadhjdsak i need to go to sleep now
i have summer P.E. starting tomorrow ( ̄ω ̄;)


i couldn't think of any idea for kawaii bossu, so i'll just draw something else =v="

what's with me and girls holding sharp deadly things ( ̄∠  ̄ )ノ