2. April si my birthday

The same day as Hidan from Naruto. Anyway, today is my birthday and now, while I'm writing this it's ten in the morning. I've already got congrats from my family and 200 bucks from my father(200 kroner here in Norway isn't much, but it's plenty for me) and I'm expecting my Uncle John and my cousin here at noon. Though it is my birthday I'm not expecting any big gifts or so, since I'm going to get confirmation/recognition in May.


For the last two days I have been alone at home, my parents and the rest of my family was gone for those days. I have never been so nervous and scared. When I went to bed I turned all the lights off and when I stood there in the dark I swear I could feel someone breathing down my neck. Of course I got scared and ran to my room locked the door and closed the window, and crept under the blanket. If this wasn't creepy enough, the next morning I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I got there the door was open! I knew that I didn't go to the bathroom at night and knew that I closed this door. Creepy isn't it?