This guy have been calling me ever since I've joined Otaku.

Hello guys, my name is Dark and this worlds host.
I'm a amateur/wannabe artist who is inspired by Tim Burton, Victoria Frances, Lise Myrhe work and art.

While working I listen to music like Santana, Nickleback, Metallica and Black Debbath, cuz' you'll 99,9 percent die from boredom without it.

My skills aren't professional and I'm lazy with my work, it'll take days before I submit a new art piece. Even so, I'm still learning and got mush more to learn and exspirence.

English is not my mother-tounge, so sometimes my grammar sucks like hell. But it is still more fun writing poems and songs on english.

I'm against art-theft and art thieves. It's shamefull and stupid. Writing mean comments just to be malicious isn't any better. People who do so are having serious mental disturbance or are just a plain sadists. If you don't like what WE draw....then get the fuck out of here, you dork.

I believe that art is a way to express yourself when you cannot do it with words. It frees yourself from the cruel and cold world and moves you into a world without limits. Art is Creation!

Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger - Into the Night

Celebrated my birthday!! :D

I have been celebrating my birthday at my grandpa's hut with my friend.(Since one couldn't cuz' she had to work, other one was sick wich was a good reason to not to came and the last one I suspect that she said she was ill because the other one wasn't going)
And we had lot of fun. :)
We made dinner, ate lots of candy, watched the movie 'The Perfume'(which was a really good one), congrated my grandpa(he's 68 now) and went to bed two hours after midnight! And this conversation was a little funny when we were about to sleep(maybe cuz' we were tired and had a bad humor):

Me: Ugh! We are going to sleep in a very long time tommorrow...wait...tomorrow is Sunday! *tired, weird laught*

Friend: Yes ^^'

~Went to bed after many good nights~

We slept till ten and then ate a small breakfast.
We went skiing and didn't come back until 2 hours after, the reason is that we went wrong and have to turn many times. Stupid me.
But we at least returned back to the hut!
The days have been good and I hope I can do it again...with more ppl next time^^'

A cute Zetsu Chibi for you :D

^^ YAY!

I would like to thank everyboby who wished me happy birthday and gave me gifts.
This have been one of the most happiest day in my life and I'm glad that people are wishing me a happy birtday!
Thank you very much all of you!!!

A pic I just wanted to color ;)

Note: I didn't do the background here either -.-'

1000 O.o

My world just got 1000 views, that's alot and not even that, I got 66 subscribes!!!! Whoooah!

I have submited the art I have worked on and I really hope that people comment it cuz' I worked very hard on it. It took so damn long time! -.-'

Work in progress, but not finished and need ideas

What happened today...Well it was school and i woke up at 05.35 in the morning and got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to bed. It sounds weird, but this is pretty normal for me and when I wake up early, I have alot of space and time and it's pretty comfy to rest on ypur bed knowing you are ready to leave.^^

The school was okay too, I wasn't all that hyper as usual and it wasn't to much work to do. Only that we had to switch classroom twice because of the other class(there is three). -.-' We had math, RLE(Rape, Laugh and Enjoy), geography, norwegian, german and music. Music sucked. >x<( nothing more to say)
I'm actually glad it's weekend cuz' the gym yesterday was hard! Football in two friking hours!!! Dude, some people don't play football everyday!! <_<

And now I'm sitting here by my mothers pc and boring my head of since I cannot login into Elfwood, it's something wrong with Quizilla and Fanfiction don't have those fanfics I'm looking for! Geez.


Right now I'm coloring a artwork on Photoshop and if you wonder who it is it's Irmelin the Hybrid. There was problems how I should color, but after I watched lots of videos on youtube I know how to :D

And do you need any ideas to draw or have some to share with me? Wanna art-trade? PLEASE I NEED SOMETHING TO DO!!!!

OH EM GEE! Who said that a plant man couldn't be hot? *glares at THE PERSON*