This guy have been calling me ever since I've joined Otaku.

Hello guys, my name is Dark and this worlds host.
I'm a amateur/wannabe artist who is inspired by Tim Burton, Victoria Frances, Lise Myrhe work and art.

While working I listen to music like Santana, Nickleback, Metallica and Black Debbath, cuz' you'll 99,9 percent die from boredom without it.

My skills aren't professional and I'm lazy with my work, it'll take days before I submit a new art piece. Even so, I'm still learning and got mush more to learn and exspirence.

English is not my mother-tounge, so sometimes my grammar sucks like hell. But it is still more fun writing poems and songs on english.

I'm against art-theft and art thieves. It's shamefull and stupid. Writing mean comments just to be malicious isn't any better. People who do so are having serious mental disturbance or are just a plain sadists. If you don't like what WE draw....then get the fuck out of here, you dork.

I believe that art is a way to express yourself when you cannot do it with words. It frees yourself from the cruel and cold world and moves you into a world without limits. Art is Creation!

Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger - Into the Night

Account at Deviantart

I finally got an account at Deviantart! *yay!* My parents allowed me to if I deleted a certain account on a site with ALOT of virus. No more troyans or worms!!!! YAHHHAAAAAA~!!! My friends haven't noticed it yet, but they will after they see my profile were it says: 'BYE!'

My name there is PanzaDarkie.

WTF?! PanzaDarkie...?
I know that name is kind of weird, but since I like the name Panza, it became my lastname and since ppl calls (often) me by the nickname, Darkie(aslo Dark), I thought it would be nice to combinde them together.

What does Panza means?
I don't know, but it reminds me of the norwegian word "Panser" that is "armoured" in english. Think about the skin of a tanks or armor. Or the armoured bears in the "Golden Compass" movie. The name Panza is kind of cute, not like I'm cute! Not at all, but I could be sweet and playful(annoying) like a pup :D

Hope you didn't mind this.


I'm not's true!!

The internet was gone for a while and it was kinda...boring durring that time. Not that I am always on the internet, but I use to check the email inbox often and watching anime.

Sooo how are you guys?!
I'm fine, just a little fed up over a guy in my class that is such a BAD loser.
In the middle of the gym we were playing a game that we shall try to take as much as fake tails as possible(that we stuck in our pants...not our panties) and when I grabbed 'the guy's tail(we have at least one on our back and the rest can we carry with our hand), but he took it back with force and tried to ge it out of my grasp two time before I gave in. HE'S SO DAMN STRONG!! My hand hurt after that, I went to wall and sat down there rest of the game.
After that we played tag(I was watching of course) and of course this guy won't admit that he was tagged OR that he lost. *hits head on the wallin frustration* AAAAGH!!! F*pip*ING B*pip*!!! THAT SON OF A *pip* ON A *pip* WITH *pip* MADE OF *pip* I'm not a bad loser, but I really don't like THEM!! I won't play, when I know some bad losers are playing too, I refuse to come. I won't play with them, I will not even get near them and this guy, as I know, can't stand losing.

I'm not a coward, but he's practically dangerous! If I told him how bad loser he is and tell him what I think of him that moment, I swear that he'll gather some of his friends and strike back. He's nice though, but sometimes I thinks he's paranoid and goes a little too far with violence. He even hits his own friend claiming that they said something bad at him. Okay they mock him, but at leat he got to be a little permissive when it comes to his friends! Geesh!

And another thing happened. A1 and A2(A= ASSHOLE) was calling me emo and poked me with sticks as I was an animal!!! D:< This world is getting crazy!! That moment I was really hurt.(No I didn't cry or sulking OR run to my teacher...I'm not like that) I tried to ignore them first, but then I got fed up and attacked A2 in rage!! Enough is enough!!
I grabbed around his neck(from behind) with one hand and held it tight while I grabbed his right arm and pulled it up backwards(ouch! I know). He screamed and begged for forgiveness and told me that he'll never do that again. Damn right! Because next time I won't hestitate to punch him so hard to the ground that he'll stay there!!! But then we got company of that guy and his friends telling me to stop? WTF?!!! THEY COULD HAVE TOLD THEM TO STOP CALLING ME AN EMO(I'm an emo supporter) AND POKE ME WITH STICKS!!!!! NOOOO, THEY JUST STOOD UP FOR THE 'BULLY', TELLING ME TO STOP(it sounded like:Piss off, freak!>.>)!!!!!!!
*screams in frustration/rage* I should have screamed at them: "WELL, I'M NOT A STUPID BAD LOSER LIKE YOU!!!!!"

My friends tried to cheer me up, it worked in a way, but I'm still fed up. They told me to ignore them and that they got a problem. Well I triedto ignore them and for goodness sake, THEYARE MY PROBLEM!!!!

When I got home I didn't get better either. My siblings were acting like brats and tried to talk to my parents, but they weren't better than my siblings. My father was grumpy and my mother tired with three filthy brats nagging: "I want that!!","____ hit me!!!" and of course when they have some candy they don't share and says"You won't get anything!!" in a nasty tone while eating candy glorying.

Sometimes I just want to lay in my bed and cry. Sorry for my nagging :|


Songs ^^

Just some songs that I haven't heard on a LONG time.

A website!!! Jk...:D

I made this at help from a :)