This guy have been calling me ever since I've joined Otaku.

Hello guys, my name is Dark and this worlds host.
I'm a amateur/wannabe artist who is inspired by Tim Burton, Victoria Frances, Lise Myrhe work and art.

While working I listen to music like Santana, Nickleback, Metallica and Black Debbath, cuz' you'll 99,9 percent die from boredom without it.

My skills aren't professional and I'm lazy with my work, it'll take days before I submit a new art piece. Even so, I'm still learning and got mush more to learn and exspirence.

English is not my mother-tounge, so sometimes my grammar sucks like hell. But it is still more fun writing poems and songs on english.

I'm against art-theft and art thieves. It's shamefull and stupid. Writing mean comments just to be malicious isn't any better. People who do so are having serious mental disturbance or are just a plain sadists. If you don't like what WE draw....then get the fuck out of here, you dork.

I believe that art is a way to express yourself when you cannot do it with words. It frees yourself from the cruel and cold world and moves you into a world without limits. Art is Creation!

Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger - Into the Night



Have to make sure that I'll find them again...

Eyes of fire blue foundation


I just can't wait till Halloween! Candy, party, scary costumes and of course darker nights and day!!

Mostly I'm waiting for the evening, because I'm going to lit a lantern, hang it outside my window, so the ghosts can see where I am and so that Even, the ghost that haunts our house can go out for the night and then come in again in the morning again.
Call me crazy, but I am who I am.


I dreamt about the female godzilla...... O.o'

Damn flu...

I have caught a flu... My head is dizzy, my nose and troat are itching and sometimes I'm going to won't come out and it annoys me. Tired, ill, me...

My parents suspect it for svine flu...yeah...sure...I bet it's just a normal flu that the goverment are using to scare us... :|