This guy have been calling me ever since I've joined Otaku.

Hello guys, my name is Dark and this worlds host.
I'm a amateur/wannabe artist who is inspired by Tim Burton, Victoria Frances, Lise Myrhe work and art.

While working I listen to music like Santana, Nickleback, Metallica and Black Debbath, cuz' you'll 99,9 percent die from boredom without it.

My skills aren't professional and I'm lazy with my work, it'll take days before I submit a new art piece. Even so, I'm still learning and got mush more to learn and exspirence.

English is not my mother-tounge, so sometimes my grammar sucks like hell. But it is still more fun writing poems and songs on english.

I'm against art-theft and art thieves. It's shamefull and stupid. Writing mean comments just to be malicious isn't any better. People who do so are having serious mental disturbance or are just a plain sadists. If you don't like what WE draw....then get the fuck out of here, you dork.

I believe that art is a way to express yourself when you cannot do it with words. It frees yourself from the cruel and cold world and moves you into a world without limits. Art is Creation!

Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger - Into the Night

Some songs...for you...

Lost by Erlend Bratland

Transylvania by McFly

Davy Jones music box


I'm bored lately. I can't figure something to do at all and with that I spend too much time on the PC! D< Stupid brain and it's obbessions!! *pounds the pc with her head* Damndamndamndamndamndamndamn!!!

I'm BACK!!! :D

I'm finally home again from a long weekend...God so tired!! 6 hours with driving and bad seats. -.-' When we got there we were greeted by a horrible smell of paper. It was almost like it said: Welcome to the big city, a**es!!
And the hotel we slept in was out of business, but we stayed there anyway.

It wasn't all that bad, we actually wondered why the hotel was out of business!! Then we got our 'keys'(that was looking like a creditcard) and went to our room. I stayed with my oldest little brother and big sister. Boy we had fun that night. :D We talked much weird stuff(don't ask what) and watched American Gladiator on TV. I like that show. We slept like babies,except my little brother who got a bad bed they just carried in. XD But we aren't happy morning birds and definitily not the prettiest. >w<

We ate breakfast and me and my sister was going to the movie 'Twillight' in the evening, but then it snowed. It snowed so much that cars couldn't drive propelly on the roads and it was an half meter snow on the roof on our car. :b
But I didn't mind this at all...of course did I miss a good movie, but we watched 'AFV* and *The Police Academy'! Lol!! It was so funny!! I like Hightower, Mahoney and Jones...they are cool :3

And nothing else special happened next day except that my cousin was ...what was it on english again...something what you do when you want a baby/person to become a Christian, and then we ate...alot. I haven't eaten so much since the Cristmas Eve for 3 years ago!!

The way back home was tiresome...never give my brothers Pepsi Max in the car and let them drink it!! They fart and talks nonstop.
What's so special with Pepsi Max anyway? It taste bad!! Yuck....


How are you people?!! :D
Did I miss something? Or not?


What I do: I'm writting this and soon going to bed...

What I feel: tired and ashamed(you'll see at the end)...

What I want to do: Draw, sleep and listen to music

What I have to do: make coffee for my parents, take the dishes, get firewood and do homework. (all that is done for today)

What I can't do: stay up late, use duck tape on my siblings, kick my parents ass and sleep all day long.

What my parents do: Mom is wathcing TV and my dad is down in the basement.

What happened today: Nothing much...except that my friend said something that made me burst out laughing :3

me: I'm like a cat when it comes to round things...I can't resist it!!*pokes her ear jewel playfully*(not sure what it is on english)

Friend: I hope you don't do that with the boys...

Me: *stops poking and laugh like hell* BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA~!!!

People around: Wtf? Oo'

Friend: --'

Me: *pants* There is a unvisible sign on them that says: "Contains round things. Do not touch or poke them, the owner will get angry/ disturbed."

Friend: *sighs* -3-

Me: Think about walking around and poke them!!

Friend: Gaah! Oo Please stop...-.- Maybe you'll poke _____'s balls?

Me: AAARGGHH!! Don't say that shut up!!! *blush*
*and this conversation continued until the school bell rang*

What I think what happens tomorrow: Who knows? :3

What I am now: A perverse, tired person with bad humor. -w-'


Okay! How in h*** am I going to tell you this?...

I have a crush on my music/art teacher. It's so don't know!!!
I feel so ashamed and some of my friends know of them might tell the others,(Oh she'll regret that after I'm done with her)but I trust her and hping that she keeps her promise.
He's not old, maybe around 30 and he's not that bad looking... He's so funny!!
He can change his voice and apologizes for things he didn't do with a mistake, but he's also a jerk sometimes.

Have any of you had a crush on your teacher or just obsessed?

I have 51 subscribers...wait.... WHAT?!!!

Oh. My. F***ing! God!! 51?!! Holy Fudgenugget!! :D I'm so happy!! For a just few months ago I just had around 10-25 subscribers and now I have over 50. Woah! That's alot!!! :3(for me)

The sketch for the next page is almost done and I'm starting on the valentine picture, but I don't know what to draw!!! D:'