I noticed alot of my old time otaku friends hate version vibrant as much as I do. I look at it as functioning and nothing more. It doesn't fill the purpose the old otaku did for me. As of right now I barely have respect for VV and would like to let all my fans know (if any left...-_-) that I luv my old otaku website and will probably be on there more than here. I don't understand not being able to see my total votage or....*blech* 'hugs'....and I certainly for the life of me can't understand seperating the sites. My otaku should of gotten upgraded along with the main page and still linked. I don't think Adam is too proud of the old site which is kinda sad for the old community. Ok...I'm done with my rant but an old buddy of mine reminded me why I loved my old community for and why I wanted to share my art with you guys. NO VOTES, NO COMMENTS, NO FANS, = NO AMBITION...just to let you know I love being an artist and doing what I do. I just wish the platform would allow me to do that better.

~Miss Crimson
(Until next time)