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Thousand Foot Krutch - Move (Probably my fav band)


So this was my first week of classes and a hectic but fun one! I'm actually writing this post cause well....Imma' REALLY creeped out. I just watched a scary movie with my friends (which is weird cause it normally doesn't effect me) anyways, my roomate left town tonight and Im kinda by myself and being stupidly paranoid HA!...so I think i'll listen to music or play games until it passes. Maybe have some new art soon so ttyl folks! :D


I didn't get hardly any sleep last night, which wasn't good considering I had to move back to college!...I hate packing and I hate unpacking -___- Plus I dunno about my roomate this year, I think we clash a little on things. So my tolerance today is nearly at zero and I'm super tired (but I don't wanna go to bed yet) GAH then I hafta' wake up early to go to a museum (as a group leader) of about 30 freshmen!!..SO this is just rambling...meh


So I went away to my dads house a whole week (with no computer :() But I did draw quite a bit! Mostly stuff I need to scan that wont get up tonight though...I'm so undgodly tired from packing for school again..and packing feels so final leaving all my family behind T_T but I miss school way too much anyways lol. I'm sorry I missed alot of Otaku stuff this week!! Bye Folks


So I submitted for Waywardwarrior's contest! Technically..I wanted to do more but situations and time didn't allow for it. Anyways, I'd much appreciate it you went to look and tell me what you think.

Question!: If you could have a luncheon with any three people (real of fictitious/ from any time period, dead or alive) , which three people would you choose and why?

Ok for kicks and giggles....I would want to have dinner with Cloud Strife HA! (:p Everyone saw that one comin') Why? Because...I think I'd be staring so much I couldn't even make it through dinner! Nextly, I hafta' say that burger king guy (I just wanna' see how truly awkward that could turn out...LOL) and well lastly, Tetsuya Nomura!! (if you don't know who he is...well...U SHOULD) anyways, I would harass him to teach me his secrets and techniques then probably glomp him for designing some of my fav characters :D awwwwww yeah

Hey Hey :D

I finally put up probably my fav thing I did this summer, Imma' talking about fanart! Go looksy please. I've been going through some rough family situations this week but I'm trying to stay strong..so art definitely helps. I remember I could easliy vent about anything by drawing tons of pics..I miss that. So I ask again for prayers and thanks to all who do. Granted just a simple lineart but...its nice lol