Music Covering

Another Post!!!! ^^
Hmm..lately I was thinking about my music cover. I have covered one song from Law of Ueki, the title is "Kokoro no Wakusei". But, I don't know what I must Improve, or what I must corrected from my Music Cover T^T.

So, I think I decided to share one of my music cover ^^. But, first I'm really really Sorry.....If it is Bad T^T. And I think I want some comments and advice for my Music Cover ^^.

Well, I upload it in two sites. First is Youtube, and the second is Soundcloud hehe ^^.

Here's the Links:


Sound Cloud:

I hope you're all Enjoy it ^^. But, really if it's bad just say it ^^, because If not I won't have any Improvement ^^.