~First Love~

Hmmm.....October is near hehe ^^, It's time to semi-celebrate my First Love in Anime ^^. I didn't know why, but I can't stop thinking about him even today. It has been 9 years I loved him. Oh well, even now I can't think for other Guys except him in my mind. I hope I can find my true love in the real life as soon as possible. Hmm....What should I say now? Okay the Person is "TEZUKA KUNIMITSU". I think that he's not handsome, but he is very "Cool". I love that Cool from him. I think I will tell his Profil.

NAME: Tezuka Kunimitsu

AGE: 14

CLASS: 3-1

BIRTHDAY: October 7


HOBBIES: Fishing, Hiking.


FAV COLORS: Green or Blue

FAV BOOK: Western Books

FAV FOOD: Unacha

DISLIKE: Neglecting One's Work

SPORTS: Archery, Tennis

COMITTE: Student Council President

Hmmm....I think that's all. I will tell you a little bit about Tezuka's Story hehe, here's the story:
Tezuka is one of the Prince of Tennis Characters. He is a Captain in Seigaku. He has an Injury in his Shoulder. I felt sorry for him T^T. As the story went by. he seems never smile before, but actually he ever smiles and I like his smile so much . Sorry for the Crying. Okay, let's continue the story. He wanted to recover his shoulder, because of it he must left Seigaku and tokyo, and go to the Germany to Rehab his Shoulder and become a pro tennis player. His injury got from his senior when he was in his first year. I hate it so much!!! Because they were jealous with Tezuka, they Hit his Left Arm. Left arm is a dominant hand for Tezuka, but still use his right hand to shake other people's hand. Still I felt very sorry for him. If I were Tezuka, I will hit back again the Seniors with my Hand !!! Well that just Imagination T^T.

Well At least that's all the Story I can tell hehe ^^. Hmmmm,,,, maybe I should Write about Undertaker next time hahaha ^^.

~Anyway Enjoy to read~