Cosplay is REALLY Fun!!

Another year had finished. Last year is the First time I tried to Cosplay hehe ^^. And it's REALLY fun!!. I think Cosplay will be so Difficult, but I'M WRONG! Cosplay is Really fun ^^. I like it hehe ^^.
When the first time Cosplay, I hope there will be somone who want to get some of my Photo hehe ^^. I'm so happy when someone want to take my Photo ^^. Also I can take photos from other Cosplayer (Someone who is Cosplaying). Some of them are great and others are good ^^.
Because of Cosplay, I should learn about how to Make-up and other things. It makes me very hard to choose "what powder should I choose?" and "What other Cosmetic should I have?" But, It doesn't hard anymore, because Finally I have my own Cosmetic Things hehe ^^.
Also Cosplay improve your Confidence ^^. If you are not confidence of yourself, you should try to Cosplay ^^. It can improve your Confidence ^^.
Also It can improve your Courage ^^. I'm improve a little bit Courage but I'm really Improve myself at Confidence ^^.
Still it's hard to say "Hello" to someone else when you Cosplay. Because. I think I'm tired. I don't even have any chance to speak with other Cosplayer, beacuse We are too Busy with our Cosplay and other things. Still Cosplay is Really Fun!! ^^.

Because It's all about cosplay, Here is my Cosplay Photo ^^.

In here, I'm cosplaying Original Character hehe ^^. And Sorry if it's bad everyone T,T. I'm just Newbie at Cosplaying T,T.
Hope you all like it ^^

~Amyway Enjoy~