Hello Everyone !!! Welcome to my World ^_^. First I want to introduce myself first ^_^. My name is Konomi Shinra . I like drawing, writing, and singing ^_^.

~Welcome to Imagination World!!~

First I want to describe what exactly this World. This world is about all of Imagination Thing, which is doesn't exist and you can even make your own Anime Character, Anime Stories, or Fanfic ^_^. You can even make your original stories ^_^. If you have some, you can post it here ^_^.

The Rules:
~Ecchi or 18+ is still prohibited (So please do not post something that has Ecchi or 18+ posting)
~You can share anything (even though that doesn't have any connection to the topic)
~No spamming
~Don't use any rough language (Such as Bas**rd, and other)

Only that hehe ^_^, if you have other rules you can tell me and I will add it ^_^

Anyway Enjoy ^_^

~First Love~

Hmmm.....October is near hehe ^^, It's time to semi-celebrate my First Love in Anime ^^. I didn't know why, but I can't stop thinking about him even today. It has been 9 years I loved him. Oh well, even now I can't think for other Guys except him ...

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