This world has changed it's title so much, Rishi doesn't know what to name it anymore! So Rish decided to name it The World With Many Titles! XD And it's a contest world, to boot. X3

The results of Rishi's last contest are finally in! The next one should start up very, very soon. <3

So enjoy yourselves, kay?

~Rishi, teh genki girl~


Hello, everyone! Rishi's hostin' a new contest! Yeah, Rishi said Rishi would post it yesterday, but oh well. *shrugs*

Neeway, this new contest has NOTHING to do with Naruto or Neji. But, of course, it has to do with Hani. Cause, d00d, it's Hani.

Anyway, here's how it goes. You have to dress Hani up in a Naruto characters outfit (((excluding Naruto and Neji, duh))). Characters can only be done once. Let Rishi repeat that--once, d00d. So let's be creative!

Characters can be--Any of the Rookie Nine's outfits, any of the sensei's outfits, your OWN oc's outfit, ((not Squee, Ijou or Rishi)), etc. Comment here with the character you wish to do--max two entries.

Like the last contest, there will beno 'first' or 'second'. Only 'cutest picute' and 'best idea'. D00d, go wild! Seriously.

D00d, what're j00 waiting for? Comment already!

~Rishi, teh genki girl~


Ahaha! Rishi's nearly two days late with this~<3

Anyway, Rishi's handing out two prizes--best picture and best idea. Call Rishi a sap if you will, but Rishi doesn't like hurt feelings.

Best picture gets their picture, Rishi-style.

Best idea gets their picture colored and/or a request.

Rishi thinks that all the entries that did make the extended deadline were adorable! Rishi loves them all, and Rishi wishes for you to join Rishi's next contest, which will be posted within the next few days. Probably Thursday.


Rishi would, before the prizes, like to give a honorary, post-humourus award to Nejixme's contest entry, which didn't make it past the mods for some odd reason. Oh well--you win some, loose some. Rishi will draw a picture for you, Nejixme! Just PM Rishi with the request, mkay?


Best picture goes to xXxShiaxXx. Her stuff was wonderful, adorable, and it looked beautiful. Please go take a look at it. <3 It's in Rishi's favorites. Don't ask Rishi for a link, cause Rishi's really, really bad at that type of stuff.

Best idea goes to Squee-Neji. Squeechan's picture was delightful to see, surprising, and really cute. <3 Please look at this one, too! Rishi would love it if you all enjoyed them.

Well, that's all for today, folks. Rishi shall post her new contest eventually.


~Rishi, teh genki girl~

Last Post Of The Year~New Years Dream

Hey, everyone! Rishi's back...ish! Hells yeah! X3 Thanks for all the support, joo guys. Rishi hearts you all~<3 Omigosh, it's really windy out. Rishi can't even go outside! Yeek. X3 Ummm...Rishi had an odd dream last night, and Ri...

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Hello everyone! Rishi here! Merry Christmas! How's everyone doing? Anyone get anything good? be blunt, there haven't been many contest entries.

SO! Rishi decided to extend the deadline.

It's everyone's Christmas present! ^_^ The new deadline is January Fifth. Please get moving soon! Rishi can't extend it any longer then that...

Rishi really wants to see everyone's stuff. Really! <3

~Rishi, teh genki girl~


Yup. That's right. Rishi's grounded until December 22nd. That means no interent at home for Rishi.


Thank you. That is all.

~Rishi, teh genki girl~