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(This world was inherited by my old PGR OC, Chii. So older posts on this world are still in his name.)

Chii's Quiz

Just decided to do this~(I wonder if Cheruu will eit with me??) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rules: 1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC. 2. Your OC must answer every question as tru...

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Family History Nutshell

I guess I’ll make this my first entry. Ya’ll would like to know about my family, right?

Well, that story starts off kinda in depression town. My mom and dad had apparently been both Lantern Gijinka who were a very young couple and had given birth to me on the very island I had come to call home for my childhood and basically all my teenage years.
But one day, when they were deciding on a name for me, a storm came and they found out two of the other islanders had gone off and had not come back yet.
My parents were the fastest swimmers on the island. They volunteered to save the lost islanders and promised the Chimecho family they had take care of me that they would be back in no time.

Well… Sufficed to say, they never came back and nor did the lost islanders.

My parents had drown during the storm.

Only about three months old and without a name, the Chimecho family with a ten year old Chingling oftheir own took me in a raised me with the name, Chii.

My adoptive mother’s name was Chiima, my father’s was Eckkio, my older step sister was named Fii, and when I turned two a baby Chingling was born and his name was Jii.

Nothing was akward between us, they had always treated me with the same love they treated their others kids and they even relived me of the pain of thinking I was a Chingling by telling me early on that my parents had died and they were taking care of me.

There’s no way I could repay that family… I kinda wish I could see them all again.

I was about five or six when Fii decided she needed to go away from home and go to a new isalnd to get a better education. Mom and dad said yes but ever since then we didn’t hear much from Fii except that she was happy.

Jii, my younger step brother on the other hand was one of my best friends. We were attached at the hip and he wanted to be just like me in every way (As I grew older he even began taking on my flirting habits and wearing short-shorts, which Mom never approved of). We were never apart and always stood up for each other.

So that’s kind of my family history in a tiny nutshell, of course there’s more but a background check is always nice to, yes?

Thank you for reading~ Chow!


I Guess a Journal's a Good Idea...

Well hey... Book thingy. I don't think I'll name this thing like a lot of people do, I think I'll just write :3

Anyway, I was thinking to myself that maybe I should start recording what happened to me back on the old island, I lived there all my life until I came to the mansion, after all.
My hope though it that someday someone will read this and know about what I used to be back then and how much I changed.

My new family at PGR Mansion might need to know someday about this little island I used to call my only home.

I still everyone there, and even though I'm not sure, I hope they're all doing alright :D

Well then, be seeing ya'll on my first entry! Stay tuned~!