The end of spring break, but the start of something new~


My spring break will be officially over on Monday 12AM CST. At first I was thinking that my break would be totally borin, as I had to babysit most of the week, but towards the end it increasingly grew fun. c:

As today is St. Patricks Day, I would like to wish you a happy and lucky day! I've been telling everyone to give me hugs because I am actually part Irish, and so is my name (Erin...well, if you want to get technical, it is of Gaelic origin, BUT, it is a poetic turn for the country)!

I know mine is, because I found my second four-leaf clover! :D And it is a legit one, I think. I will upload a picture soon. The question is, how do I keep it alive long enough to show to my friends at school on Monday? Maybe I should try and find another one...
In the meantime, I will share with you all some facts that I knew/learned about the four leaf clover and the whatnot.

A shamrock (3 leafed clover) was used to symbolize the Holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a religious aspect by Saint Patrick. If a four leaf clover was found, the fourth leaf represented God's Grace.

On a mythological aspect, each leaf on a four leaf clover represented something else: Faith, Hope, Love and Luck!

A four leaf clover is NOT considered a shamrock. And Any clover with 5+ leaves is not considered lucky, like it's 4-leaf relative.

It is said that for every 10,000 3 leaf clovers, there is one 4 leaf clover.

Usually to identify a legit 4 leaf clover, the fourth leaf is smaller than the other three.

When growing clovers, they turn towards the light -- like sunflowers! I find that cute. Turn the pot that they are in often to watch them wiggle (in slow motion if you think about it lol)

The clovers also fold when not exposed to much light, as if they were sleeping.

AAAANNNND that is all! If there is any other information, maybe you could share! After all, sharing is caring. c:
For all those who are Irish or part Irish, I send you my kisses and hugs too. And for those of you who aren't, that is okay, because we love you guys too! -hugs-

Again, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!