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To burp out loud is to belch sort of unexpectedly, as if to slip sort of spontaneously, and--despite the custom "oops" that follows--with a bit of necessity. It's a self-satisfying gesture, at times executed with a complex mix of bewilderment, rage, affection, or fulfillment. In spite of one's earnest efforts, some ring more obnoxiously than others--with no intention of offense. In such instances, it is expected that those guests sitting wide eyed across from the bum act with the similar, and understand burping as a natural process to fun understanding. Feel free to set fire to any falsely assumed restrictions. Burp as if you were born free; set your feet upon the dinner table and let loose a button or two.

--Shi Bum Bumm

(formerly: xX9.tailed:NekoXx)


My back feels so fucked up right now.
All my joints are fucked.
I hate this.
Today was stupid.
So was yesterday and the night before.
Happy 2010. I'm hoping it's less shitty than 2009 and whole rest of the sad, anxious decade.

Finally taking a real look at my PSAT score

I'm a junior who has taken the PSAT twice and never paid much attention to either score. I'm really nervous about living up to high expectations and getting into a decent college -- one that is my first choice.
So, during Math SAT Prep (I did worse in math and have never been the best at it) we had to review what we got wrong and, of course work on improvement. Eventually I got serious with my score and realized that it's not all that bad; I don't remember last year's score. My score was a 1590,reading being my best. I'm still a bit self-conscience because I know that so many more people did better than me. So I can see that my score is a little over average -- not that great.
I need to quit slackin'.
But! I looked up my score online since I haven't seen my guidance counselor yet and got different feedback:

good score...but if you didn't know that your better off at your local Taco Bell than any university

Book smarts will never overtake common sense..because its so uncommon

Find that here.

Ha!! This is true. Above all, I'd have to admit that the comment is right. I don't know how many times my teachers and many others have talked about the SAT scoring system and I just didn't pay attention. That's a part of my problem, I need to start paying attention. It is of common knowledge too...
Any ways, I'm going to take a look at my old PSAT score and see if I've improved at all or sunk.

Oh! One more thing. I bet you've noticed, I haven't used an emoticon ONCE. :D I'm trying to deliver my message without relying on them. It will help me out with identifying with tone and implying my intended tone in my own writing for AP English. There's plenty that I need to work on so this will hopefully help!

How are you all by the way? c(n___n)-b~<3


New BG :D
But for the first time in a while I'm satisfied.


ohhhh weekend, I love you so.
But why does this Friday feel like the near end of a Saturday?
Eh, eh, eh, iss okay, I love it anyway =]


Music: Bring Me To Life + Immortal - Evenescence [gooosh, I haven't listened to these in so lawwwng <3]
Time: 7:39 pm

I'm being smothered with an AP Art History project D: IT VANTZ TO KIIIIIWL MEEEEEE </3

I thought I'd let you all know that :3
Facebook keeps stealing me away from theO, I always check up but dun update.
So I'z peweh.
Anyhoo, I keep dipping in and outta my work, ya know? Doin' a lil work herrre, then checking FB therrrrre and...>>> thereandthereandthenAGAAAAAIN. [o__-]'|||||

um, so I'ma get back to that project now ;D
Wish me luck Q_Q