[[ [ Hello<3stoppah. ] ]]

To burp out loud is to belch sort of unexpectedly, as if to slip sort of spontaneously, and--despite the custom "oops" that follows--with a bit of necessity. It's a self-satisfying gesture, at times executed with a complex mix of bewilderment, rage, affection, or fulfillment. In spite of one's earnest efforts, some ring more obnoxiously than others--with no intention of offense. In such instances, it is expected that those guests sitting wide eyed across from the bum act with the similar, and understand burping as a natural process to fun understanding. Feel free to set fire to any falsely assumed restrictions. Burp as if you were born free; set your feet upon the dinner table and let loose a button or two.

--Shi Bum Bumm

(formerly: xX9.tailed:NekoXx)


^needta hop offma clock.

^^^ignore the prior.

I'm doing a project on Barbara Kruger for my AP Art History class (AP test for that particular class is ezzactly 2weeks away, btw) and I should be working on it right now, rather than taking advantage of this un-parented moment bestowed upon me<3. WowOverDramatic. oh, Kruger inspired my new avie! Wellno. I basically ripped her off by pasting her art on a 100x100 and manipulating it to float mah boat. yussah.

uhmm... ahh>> addressing what you should have previously ignored, I'd like you to please direct your attention to it now: [why am I righting like this?]
Pplz needta chill :| And I guess so do I. So uptight. and needy. and jealous. and conceited. and about what? I mean, life's stressful at times, most of the time (I praise you despite my jealousy if your life is otherwise), but I'd beg on dishonored knees for a lever to pull down--just a notch or two. I hate to blame it on surroundings and would love to believe my hope for the power of man. I'd like to believe that we--anyone--can overcome all the issues buzzing in and around us by the power of free will and inner strength. But the challenging "truth" that we'd rather succumb to the trendiest sin and lean on hawt drugs is.... wtf did I bring up drugs? and sin? Interesting... What I really meant to say is that it's too hard to change and if it's not too difficult than it's something that can take a rain check. Heeeeeck, I'm just too lazy to do anything. I know that most of the things I do destroys me (yahh, I've got some funky habits and notsocool-cool addictions), but I've got more than enough convincing truths to work on myself and others. That's pretty douchey of me. And I've been rambling.

I apologize for using "we" for the majority of what's above. Because I do not represent you, the reader, or whoeverthehellelse; however, I think I have an idea of what others are feelin.
huh. I realize the inspiration for that was one particular nuisance uvvaperson, but I always end up at the same conclusion about this kid = that we're more alike than I'd like to admit and more than heshe knows. I'm pretty good at relating to the people around me, but I try my hardest to address the individual inside, the one that negates all that she hears, the she that lives through raw feeling and only when alone. That's hard enough. So I usually just stay silent. Ignoring the turmoil inside, it's easier living as a wallflower. Sinking into the crowd is aiight. @least it won't killaman. But I can't. Nor can I ignore shizznanny without further deceiving myself.

I'mma end this on a single note: baa~.

dontchyah-h-h? [yuss.]

Dontchya juss hate it when you're trying to calmly focus on your homework--'cause there's nothing else to do when you're grounded--and then your mom realizes how it's probably more fun to be around other people at the moment because she hears 'em all laughing at The Hangover but you can't go anywhere 'cause you're grounded and it's not like you'd be able to laugh anyways because your mom doesn't know you've seen it and the only peeps who know are your cool secret-keeping aunt and uncle and oh damn I hear her laughing at another joke right now?

Yes. Yes, I hate it too.

forked. [[ishldthroitinreverse


I'm grounded.

up and down the wall.


[procrastination's a bitch]


It's unsettling to feel like a stranger in my own home.