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To burp out loud is to belch sort of unexpectedly, as if to slip sort of spontaneously, and--despite the custom "oops" that follows--with a bit of necessity. It's a self-satisfying gesture, at times executed with a complex mix of bewilderment, rage, affection, or fulfillment. In spite of one's earnest efforts, some ring more obnoxiously than others--with no intention of offense. In such instances, it is expected that those guests sitting wide eyed across from the bum act with the similar, and understand burping as a natural process to fun understanding. Feel free to set fire to any falsely assumed restrictions. Burp as if you were born free; set your feet upon the dinner table and let loose a button or two.

--Shi Bum Bumm

(formerly: xX9.tailed:NekoXx)

New New NEW

During the next sk0ol vacation, I'ma make everything new on my WORLD. And possibly make a new one as well ^__^. I'll also get all meh fanart and junk up. And then I shall be a cheerful lil duckie. ...

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muziq playlist???

sh0ot, I'm try'n to put muziq on this thing >=d

.....grr, I'll do this latrrrr


think think think...*thunk thunk thunks head*

I think if I tried harder, I'd talk more. When I was younger, I hardly spoke a word if I didn’t feel it’d heard or understood. So people must've thought "if I had something to say, I'd say it", that I was just "fine". I don't know how t...

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This is my p0st.

Hmm, I really should right a post n this thing...

Juss sumtin' to start my day...

I'm sittin infront of my laptop. Eating a bagel (smothered in butter), sippin' on sum white chocolate. With my dog next to me.
Life feels go0Od.

I'm happy to be writing this post and looking forward to seeing something new (like my new and improved gothic layout)

I'll write something more..um...interesting later on