[[ [ Hello<3stoppah. ] ]]

To burp out loud is to belch sort of unexpectedly, as if to slip sort of spontaneously, and--despite the custom "oops" that follows--with a bit of necessity. It's a self-satisfying gesture, at times executed with a complex mix of bewilderment, rage, affection, or fulfillment. In spite of one's earnest efforts, some ring more obnoxiously than others--with no intention of offense. In such instances, it is expected that those guests sitting wide eyed across from the bum act with the similar, and understand burping as a natural process to fun understanding. Feel free to set fire to any falsely assumed restrictions. Burp as if you were born free; set your feet upon the dinner table and let loose a button or two.

--Shi Bum Bumm

(formerly: xX9.tailed:NekoXx)

Bahzy Bahzy Boo

It's hot as balls.
I need to clean my fan and kill the spiders at my window so I can finally open it =.= ick.

oh btw, newnewnew look for my WORLDie again. It's red and hasza banner and is quite simple and very red too. But I like the redredred.

I got mail yesterday from the high school. It said something about registering for the car parking lottery. HAHA--a carrr.
No, I'll just be that senior without a car--or a license for that matter.

"Ey! Ey! Little chick havin' chips on my sofa/ [email protected] take a shit on my sofa/ Smudge babies lyin' on my sofa/ Neighborhoods and Kiks singing 'So-Fa'" [/JJ Lin - High Fashion]

Out of all the Azn songs Chiibz's ever transferred to my flash drive or made me listen to, I've listened to High fashion the most and never get tired of it<3

EDIT: Today I realized that I've got art that was never submitted. Sooo I'mma go take care of that now.
EDIT: CAAAAAAAATHERIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. I can see that you're online :3 even if it's just for the moment ;~;

Eh. [eh.] Eh.

I can't stand to look at my BG anymore [ech], changing it tomorruh.

EDIT: So I'm putting something simpler for now.
EDIT: Nahh. I'll probably leave it like this for a bit >>;[/LAZY]

In other news, I'm positive the universe was cosmically vexed since last week and finally had a meltdown yesterday, when everything started going topsy-turvy. Sometime last week, my relationship with my mom seemed to get shot in the foot again. Again? Yeah, so both feet are like, blown to hell, so I dunno where we stand. I'm sorry to those who got a seriously crappy lash of life's bullshit yesterday. It's unfair and completely outrageous.

In somehow related news, I can't wait until Furry-Chibi makes her way back to the world of zuh Internet! Rummy's supposed to be getting her laptop back on SundayishMondayish. ThankGah.

I stolededed my uncle's laptop this morning to finish a card I submitted today. I couldn't publish another card with such plain looking text ;__; So I used their many downloaded fonts to complete it.

Nothing To Get Hung About.

I am at a damaging state of denial. Currently, "I'm not at all tired." But my brain's telling me, "Shush. Go to bed or else you'll be seriously effed for the rest of the day."

Ah wells.

Also, I feel as if I have come to a conclusive realization, one that's been all too obvious to the alluring little friends in the closeted spaces of my mind. *continues dramatic fashion* It's very likely that I'll at some point become an alcoholic who smokes a pack a day. *ouch, that hurt the child inside* I won't bother with why or how I came to this, but I have.
Oh, despite my hate for the smell of cigarrettes, or my scoliosis that says drugs are not only bad for me, but veryveryvery detrimental to my health. Isn't it for all? Yes.

Anyhoo. My third state is one of wonder. Like, I wonder what the hell is taking Remittance Girl so long to post the last chapter-type-things of her all too moving and gorgeously written story, "Beautiful Losers." No, I don't recommend you read it (incase you were also in a momentary state of wonder). Just, no.

Instead, check this out:

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oh, and thisss. . .

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I... could have a second case of the chicken pox.
or a million and one a hundred or so bug bites. ouch.
we won't see until maybe/maybe not Monday when the doc's office opens.


I am soo tired.

No need to comment, I just need a mentle break from writing my novella
aaaand from distracting facebooking.
But this isn't a distraction; it's a mental break.
So, I'm up to page, like, 42 outta 60 and it's due tomorrow.
die self, die.