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To burp out loud is to belch sort of unexpectedly, as if to slip sort of spontaneously, and--despite the custom "oops" that follows--with a bit of necessity. It's a self-satisfying gesture, at times executed with a complex mix of bewilderment, rage, affection, or fulfillment. In spite of one's earnest efforts, some ring more obnoxiously than others--with no intention of offense. In such instances, it is expected that those guests sitting wide eyed across from the bum act with the similar, and understand burping as a natural process to fun understanding. Feel free to set fire to any falsely assumed restrictions. Burp as if you were born free; set your feet upon the dinner table and let loose a button or two.

--Shi Bum Bumm

(formerly: xX9.tailed:NekoXx)


crap. in lots of trouble o_o; must finish essay.
sorry i haven't posted or commented, lots of homework >_____x
and I lost another subscriber. always lose at least one when i don't post for more than a week ~____~. happenzzzzz.


-11:50 p.m.

Long Crappy News.

Time: 5:42 p.m.

I was woken up around 4:40 a.m. to the news that my Grampa was dead. I went upstairs to keep my Gramma company and to be there for her; my Mom and lil cousin ended up there too. Lots of crying. My cousin's five so she was just kinda sitting there and babbling. Ha, she left momentarily for the bathroom and I almost freaked out, like WHERE ARE YOU GOING KID??!. I didn't want to be left in a room of crying people. Ah, they were calling people up like crazy, tracking every relative in the book.

Losing my train of thought.
What happenned next?

Basically a lot more crying and calling of the relatives.
Me? I didn't cry much. yet. I'll probably ball my eyes out soon as I know I'm completely alone. See, when other people are panicking or crying I can usually hold myself back pretty well and keep a level head. And I don't like crying in front of others 'cause then I feel awkward/vulnerable/too open.

My Gramma didn't sleep all night. At 9:54 p.m. I heard that he was doing worse. My Grampa was strong and strong willed, that's how I saw him. But he had had heart surgery a long time ago [I remember that too] and was sick when he left for another trip to Jamaica. Really sick, then had a stroke, then they found a blockade in his heart or something, and there was fluid in his lungs. He died there. It would have been so much better if he was up here, in New York with some family. He had friends down there but if he were here, we wouldv't been able to see him.

Would haves, should haves, could haves. <<~ Those don't work for me. So I try not to dwell on 'em.

Ummm. My Grampa. Awesome dude. Loved him. So much. I really looked up to him. His wisdom and extensive knowledge. Sometimes we'd go to his place, only planning to stay for about 20min. We'd end up talking around a table with him for hours. I LOVED to listen to him, everything he had to say was priceless and I hung on to every word. So many stories and so much history.

Haha, I'm holding on tight to every memory I have of him. His laugh, his smile, those jokes xD Sometimes jokes on me ._. And dang, his farts were thunderous and deadly 0_0 xDD <3333333333333333333333333333333

Ahhhm, I think all that matters is that I knew him. I'm blessed to have had him as my grandfather. Because of that I can still joke and smile :D My aunt helped with that too.


To those that read, thank you so much :]]


Time: 11:44p.m.

Humm. What I've been up to lately:

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crap, why does my brain always go empty when I'm trying to think or remember things? And I actually THOUGHT of several things before writing 1].

Umm. well my Grampa had a stroke [another one? I think?]. Before I knew, my Gramma called to ask where my Mom was and she was crying >.< uhhhhhhhmmmm. And apparently nothing was working right/went well for my Mom today either.
I have a feeling that he'll be okay. . .or that could be me being overly hopeful and somewhat in denial. He's in Jamaica right now. In some hospital down there and my Gma's gonna try 'n catch a plane to see him. We'd all feel a lot better if he were here, closer.

wow. Kutner's off House. I liked him. Shoooott, the ending was sadenning.

In lighter-ish news. . .well yeah, not really.

Anyhoo, g'nite everybody.


Muziq: ACTUALLEH, I'm watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding [funny movie xD]
Time: 9:07pm

Check out this wall por favor:

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Aaaaaand thisonetooo:

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ugh. My mom'll be home soon so I'm work on my science report. And I should lay out the books I use to write my English essay 'cause i told my mom that I worked on it. . .
At least I got all my chores done early!

Anyhooo-> I feel dizzy everytime I stand up x__x it's very annoying.

ummmmm. I'ma go back to watching that movie. I MEAN DOING MY REPORT =0 -9:26pm


Muziq: About to turn it off soon. . .
Time: 6:53pm

I rlyrlyrlyreaaaaallyyyy should be doing my-- wait. I...I don't think I have any homework 0_0
well, excluding the extra credit report and essay. So I should be working on those right now. OH! and my Cartooning Class project. but w/e.


But instead, I'ma go eat some ice cream or have dinner while watching TV :]

pointless post? probably. Cyall ttylaterrrrrr.