Take a look at me,
I am a cheap voice and tongue.
Words pour out of me,
Yet in a poetic way.
On an open canvas I'll pain my life,
Black and red.
I am shameful,
Please don't say I’m not.
Now before I die,
Open me up.
Take a look at my soul,
It's black and white.
It's misunderstood,
And so dead.
Take a closer look,
You'll find horrible thoughts.
I am shamefully broken inside,
Yet complete outside.
Burning passion unknown,
And worthless.
Life is a blur at times.
The pain may have killed me.
The truth is,
I'd give away my live at any price.
But I shall never,
For I am afraid of dying alone.
If love would save me right now,
I wouldn't be shameful....