Ahhh Man,One Of myy fav singers is in...JAIL

Ugh.=[.One of myy favorite singers is Ronnie Radke.He went to Jail on the 19th.=[.He was caught tryying to sneck awayy from the police in Las Veg.He was going to court on a drug using thing.Now he is in Jail.Hopefullyy with a cell of his own.0_0.It sucks!T.T.Bloodyy tears.=].Okayy so me Bff Kenzi was Screaming Free Ronnie Radke!! At cars passing byy.Them we wrote it on our Arms and people thought theyy were real tats!I was like Sick,Now free Ronnie Or your a homo >___>.Lol.So now we have Petition that were making people sign to free Ronnie Radke!Were gonna bring it to myy Guitar lessons since theyy should Care about music people!Totallyyy =].So I hope a lot of people sing even though I dont think it will do anyy thing.=[.Myy friend thinks it will,well we will just have to wait and see.If it does free Ronnie then He owes us some Hugs.Mega hugs.=].Haha.Im still not sure its gonna work.=/.Well hopefullyy.We love Ronnie cuz he is just so funnyyy.He does a lot of things we do,Us we were kind of almost put in jail.Too young Adluts sitting down and drinking wine.0_o.Lol.Well byez!!!

~Call the angels, this razor blade was ment for me~