OMG this is just gay!!!

Ok so im gonne put off posting the book for a bit.I may not even come on much. One: MOST of my friends got in to a fight at school.Leaving one of my best friends (Gladys) so upset she wants to kill herself.She is not like me,she is a very happy person and has people who care about her and she is what people call "preppy". Anywayy she has tried to kill herself before and this upsets me! I hope she doesn't do anything bad.
Two: I mighty pissed at this whore who is trying to date one of my friends. Saying she has a "thing" for him when she is just a slut! I told him not to go out with her.He hasn't answered that yet.I do not hate her,I can not hate belive it or not.She is some what my friend.Again I do not hate her i cant.she only gets on my nevers.I think she needs some help.She's made 4 of my friends cry cuz she cheated on them!! Sam,D.J,Caleb and Catilny!! (yes thats a girl) Im really getting sick of her.
Three: The same girl I was talking about did something to make me real pissed.Yes I'd hate to say this but I was upset so I said i cut myself and she called me a wannabe emo and that I should go die. I pretty broke in to tears after that. she said she was sorry and yes I said I forgave and that it was ok.......She also gets in to fights with my bff Kenzi. Kenzi speaks her mind and hates,two things I can't. So they fight pretty much when ever she's on. I tell kenzi not and she has been stoping. Thank you Kenzi.

Four:Some one I let get close to me, Her name is Kayla.Said a lot of things about her life I wasn't so sure about all of it....So I got an email for her parents.Yes people her parents emailed me.They said she lied in ways to hurt her friends and family.She lied a ton. she belived some of the lies she said to.yes she really belived the lies she was feeding herself.I can never talked to her again for a while maybe not forever its up to her parents.I fell very sorry 4 her.yet her parents said she had a life unlike the unforunate people.

So all this...well whatever you wanna call it is getting me very pissed off.I will still be on the computer.When things finally start getting good I'll post more.If you would like my email to keep in touch with me, please ask and I will give it to you.Bye byes for now!!