Happy Birthday Chris!!

Wondering about the title hmm?? Well its my friends Chris's Birthday he is 15 ^^ I had no idea till he told me today,so I was like "Uh...its your birthday Chris?" Of course he didn't care I forgot lol....My bff is a re re she sent like 20 of my moms friends emails while she was trying to email me last night haha poor Bella....I couldn't answer cuz I was at the movies seeing uh "Death note" it was pretty good....There was a danceing death Note custom infornt of me i was like 0.o *caugh caugh gay caugh caugh*........My friend says shes a vampire (Bella or Casey as I call her) so shes probaly so mad she'll eat me 0_0
Well g2g to volly ball *kisses and hugs ppl*