Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing!

Im back!

Hello people im back!Who missed me?No one im guessing, Lol.So as you see, I was gone for a looong time.Things friends got in to another fight a while ago but I haven't heard from anyy of them in a while.So summer so far is reallyy boring, My Bff can't sleep over till sundayy.=[.Dad has work.=.So other then me and myy brother being reallyy bored its Okayy.Im listening to My Chemical Romance right now.=].Famous Last Words.=].I looove this song, Lol.Im soo weird.Im talknig to some of my friends online.Colleen,yewa I know I used to hate her but we're kinda friends now.And zack my somewhat annoying friend.Lol, He doesn't like mcr, =O.So heres an up-date on my friends life. Caleb is smoking pot with his ex emilyy so I don't reallyy talk to him much.Sam is getting drunk with all his buddies and is gonna drop out of school, So I haven't talked to him in a bit too.Flora is having a boring summer so not much to say about her.My other friends are at partys right now I bet.-_-.Sooo.....Its raining outside and I want to go to the beach some time this summer, But thats not gonna happen I think.=[.Myy aol radio wont work so I can't listen to anyy real good music.=[.Hmm.....Im listening to "I Miss You" Byy Blink 182.I love this song.I wrote the lyrics all up and down my arm, It looked reallyy cool!I know im ______________.Well anyy word you can think of would be nice.Oh yea be happyy im not dead, Cuz like im _________.Lol.well here is myy up-date enjoyy it, before I die!!!

~its Just a lyrical lie mind up in my mind......~