Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing!

Quick note to EVERYONE!

Well I think I'll write a little about myself.Poetry is pretty much my life I dont do ryhms,only sometimes.Poetry doesnt have to ryhm but come from your heart.One of my fav poets is Allen Edger Poe!Im a girl,in case you didn't no.I do enjoy anime such as:Death Note(RIP L!!),Inu yasha,Bleach,Nartou (sometimes..).Im a music freak and listen to it about 24/7.I love writing and the rain and weird stuff I guess.Now heres something i want EVERYONE to know I am NOT emo,goth,prep,tom boy.I do not label myself so plz no nasty comments about the way i act.Just cuz I like emo music,screamo,poetry,black nail polish and hot topic also hate the color pink does NOT mean im emo!!!So plz no labels....I play the guitar and its pretty fun!^_^ well commetn plz!!!!