Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing!

Poets block

Well Im Running Out Of Poem Ideas,witch Means my Life Up Here Is Getting Pretty Boring....Not That all the poems I've posted is all I got,I have a ton more.Infact I have a book full but I lost the book and some of the poems in it somewhere in my room.My rooms a mess so not that easy to find ^^;.....Also School is really annoying.Um we're getting our grades this thursday and i hope I did good,Or Im grouned.Anyway Also me and my friend got caught cheating,I let her look at my math page and write down the answers but the teacher found out.I haven't really had time to write any poetry lately or find my poems all over my floor....hehe thats the reason i haven't been putting much um hopefully by tomorrow I find an old poem or write A new one!!

Escape The Fate

Hurtful words,
From my enemies of the last five years,
What's it like to die alone?

How does it feel when tears freeze,
When you cry?
The blood in your veins is twenty below.

Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette,
Finger on the trigger to my dear Juliet,
Out from the window see your back drop silhouette,
This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget,
Something I cannot forget.

So for now, take this down a notch,
Crash my car through your window,
Make sure you're still alive,
Just in time to kill you,

[Chorus x2]

I can't take this (take) anymore. [x4]
(I cannot feel what you've done to me)

So for now, take this down a notch,
Crash my car through your window, window.

NOTE~I didn't write that its a band I really like called "Escape The Fate"
hehe they rock.Im bored so here's a pic for all the lovers ^^

Short story

Before I start this I wanna say this is kinda weird!Ok well this is a short story of death note (it kinda makes fun of it) well me and my best friend wirte short storys that are kinda wild.There are two charters one is Drew.Drew is pretty much me but a Death Note Chacter.Casey is pretty much my best friend but a Death Note chacter.The rest are from the show,DONT KILL ME!!!!

Light:*Laying on Floor*I dare Mellow to kiss Near!

Mellow:*walks over to Near and Makesout*

Drew:*covers eyes*

L:I dare....Drew to take off her shirt!


Drew:Im the only girl here,no fair!....*takes off shirt*

Boys:*Stare at her*

Drew:*Crawls into corner,Grabs knees and rocks back and forth saying Rape*

Near:*laughing*Ok I dare....

Mellow:Its my turn!!!

Near:*makes face*Fine...

Mellow:I dare all the guys to take off their pants!
*Guys take off pants*


Drew:*shivers*Oh my god,oh my god gay....

Near:*Grabs sixpack*I dare Drew to drink these!!

Drew:*Crawls out of corner and takes it*Ok....*Drinks them all*
*Guys waiting for her to freak*

Drew:*eyes go wide*WEEEEE!!!

L:*rolls eyes*Nice going Near!
*Drew rolls on floor*

Light:This cant be good....

Drew:*picks up phone*IM CALLING CASEY,we'll have a blast!!!

*Casey comes threw window with beer*

Casey:*hugs Drew*Im here!!Lets get drunk!

L:Drew already is...

Drew and Casey:*Start to drink beer*

Light:Can't beat em,join em *Grabs beer*
*Guys grabs beer*

NOTE~I didn't need to write anymore everyone knows how its gonna end,Everyone pasted out on the floor.To anyone who is mad at me calling Mellow Gay my brother give me the idea of that part...I would act like that and so would my friend its pretty funny really....I repeat DON'T KILL ME!!


Im not to happy.A year ago on this very day my best friend Cho killed herself no one could stop her.We all tryed are best but it didn't work....She still did it....I failed her......I cant belive I couldn't stop her.....I can't belive she did this!!!!


A walk,by "Say anything"

And if i could swim I'd swim out to you in the ocean,
Swim out to where you were floating in the dark.
And if was blessed i walk on the water you're breathing,
To lend you some air for that heaving sunken chest.
Because they chose you as the model for their empty little dreams.
With your new head and your legs spread like a filthy magazine.
And they hunt you and the gut you and you give in.
And if i was brave I'd climb up to you on the mountain.
They led you to drink from their fountain spouting lies.
And i'd slay the horrible beast they commisioned
To steer me away from my mission to your eyes,
And i'd stand there like a soldier with my foot upon his chest.
With my grin spread and my arms out in my bloodstained Sunday's best,
And you'd hold me, I'd remind you who you are under their shell.
I'd walk through hell for you. Let it burn right through my shoes.
These soles are useless without you.
Let the torturing ensue. My soul is useless without you
And if they sent a whirlwind, I'd hug it like a harmless little tree.
Or an earthquake, I'd calm it, and I'd bring you back to me,
And I'd hold you in my weak arms like a first born.
Now, I've walked through hell for you,
what's an adventurer to do
but rest these feet at home with you

NOTE~I didn't write this its a real song by a band I like called "Say Anything".I put it up cuz I really like music I guess lol well I got the lyrics from lyrics.time