Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing!

OMG this is just gay!!!

Ok so im gonne put off posting the book for a bit.I may not even come on much. One: MOST of my friends got in to a fight at school.Leaving one of my best friends (Gladys) so upset she wants to kill herself.She is not like me,she is a very happy person and has people who care about her and she is what people call "preppy". Anywayy she has tried to kill herself before and this upsets me! I hope she doesn't do anything bad.
Two: I mighty pissed at this whore who is trying to date one of my friends. Saying she has a "thing" for him when she is just a slut! I told him not to go out with her.He hasn't answered that yet.I do not hate her,I can not hate belive it or not.She is some what my friend.Again I do not hate her i cant.she only gets on my nevers.I think she needs some help.She's made 4 of my friends cry cuz she cheated on them!! Sam,D.J,Caleb and Catilny!! (yes thats a girl) Im really getting sick of her.
Three: The same girl I was talking about did something to make me real pissed.Yes I'd hate to say this but I was upset so I said i cut myself and she called me a wannabe emo and that I should go die. I pretty broke in to tears after that. she said she was sorry and yes I said I forgave and that it was ok.......She also gets in to fights with my bff Kenzi. Kenzi speaks her mind and hates,two things I can't. So they fight pretty much when ever she's on. I tell kenzi not and she has been stoping. Thank you Kenzi.

Four:Some one I let get close to me, Her name is Kayla.Said a lot of things about her life I wasn't so sure about all of it....So I got an email for her parents.Yes people her parents emailed me.They said she lied in ways to hurt her friends and family.She lied a ton. she belived some of the lies she said to.yes she really belived the lies she was feeding herself.I can never talked to her again for a while maybe not forever its up to her parents.I fell very sorry 4 her.yet her parents said she had a life unlike the unforunate people.

So all this...well whatever you wanna call it is getting me very pissed off.I will still be on the computer.When things finally start getting good I'll post more.If you would like my email to keep in touch with me, please ask and I will give it to you.Bye byes for now!!

Page two...FINALLY!!!

My eyes flattered open. The room was dark, it took me a while to know I was in my living room. Then I remembered: I was in the alley that guy must have saved me...or I dreamed it. I belive I dreamed it. I sighed thinking how screwed up I am, I slowly got of the couch and and walked up in to my room.
I opened the door and heard my music on. I gently skipped towards my CD player it was to low to hear. I quickly opened it, My mixxed CD did I leave it in here? Im crazy. I thought as I droped on to my bed. I felt my waist hit someones hand, I froze dead in fear. THe hand slowly travled up my body, when it reached my hair a voice said "Ahh so your a wake...."
I shuddered, it was the guy from the alley. "Y-y-yes." I answered, fear covered my voice. He seemed to move a little "Please, I won't hurt you." He said. I was suddenly less afraid of him. "Ok....answer a few questions, whats your name and how old are you?" I asked him. "My name is James and for my age? Im firthteen you?" I thought for a few moments and he waited for me to answer. "Im Crystal and im sixteen....people call me cry for short." I finally told James my answer.
His hands pulled me closer to him and he looked me in the eyes "your eyes are such a nice pale green." He said sighing. I was scared this person I didn't really know had me a little to close, he must have noticed he whispered "sorry." All I could say was "What time is it, James?" "Night time...." He answered as he traced the cut on my wrist. I yawned "If you don't mind im sleeply, im going back to sleep." I said, he didn't answer me and I slipped to sleep....

Page one of my bookie! ^^

I was walking home from school again,my knife in my backpack.I hated today it had to be worst ever I'll I wanted to do was go home back to my empty house and.....cut.But it was bad I couldn't take it! I ran in to a dark alley and open my backpack,grabing the knife I put it to my wrist and cut as deep as could without hitting the vein.The bloog gushed out and I watch slipped on the ground.I traced the scars over my wrists why do I do this? I thought in my mind.I grabed a towel from my back and put it over my wrist,I pushed the bloody knife back in to the back.I didn't want to leave I just wanted to die here,but I couldn't do that for some reason.The white towel had now turned all red I smiled sightly.All of a sudden I heard a voice "What happened?" it asked.I quickly turned around to see a guy with black hair covering half his face a few feet behind me."I-I...I cut myself"I answered him smugly.He looked at the bloody towel "I see...why did you?"He asked me still looking at my wrist.I thought for a moment then answered "I have nothing to live for,my parents are dead my only friends were murdered a while ago and people at school don't understand..." He frowned at my answer."Your bleeding pretty bad I could...smell it far away" he told me.I didn't take mind that he said smell I was starting to feel whozzy."Well maybe I'll finally die"I told him just as all went black,the last thing I felt was my body hitting the ground and a few seconds later arms picking me up and then him running it seemed to fast to be human.....

Note~Short frist page but I wanted to leave ppl wondering what will happen next and I know it doesn't say their names..yet ^^

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Wondering about the title hmm?? Well its my friends Chris's Birthday he is 15 ^^ I had no idea till he told me today,so I was like "Uh...its your birthday Chris?" Of course he didn't care I forgot lol....My bff is a re re she sent like 20 of my moms friends emails while she was trying to email me last night haha poor Bella....I couldn't answer cuz I was at the movies seeing uh "Death note" it was pretty good....There was a danceing death Note custom infornt of me i was like 0.o *caugh caugh gay caugh caugh*........My friend says shes a vampire (Bella or Casey as I call her) so shes probaly so mad she'll eat me 0_0
Well g2g to volly ball *kisses and hugs ppl*

omg Im not dead

yea ppl im not dead,yea I made it through another week. I still have no new poems.....Anyway im gonna kill my brother for stealing one of my poems and giving it to someone saying it was his own!! That person he gave it to must have been dum cuz my bro writes really bad and I write small and really that person is dum. Oh yea,and the reason im saying "omg im not dead" its kinda a joke between me and my bff. Im danger magnet,I mean anything could happen to me and its pretty funny. Also im a dare devil so my bff is counting how many weeks I can go with out sitchs xD such a nice game huh?? sorry I haven't had ANY time to write some poetry well peace out