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It's not easy being green...

Anyone planning on visiting central Japan in the near future may end up seeing something totally unexpected: green polar bears.

These polar bears at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens have been frightening visitors recently with the greenish tint to their fur, even to the point of some asking if they were carrying mold. The zookeepers assure that although the occurrence is odd, it is not dangerous. The above-average temperatures for the past two months, coupled with less-frequent water draining in the exhibit, has led to an uprise in algae growth. Algae is difficult to wash out of bears' fur, due to certain properties of the coat.

The bears are supposed to turn white in time for winter. Tragic.

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Angel's Weekly News Report

Beck Manga Side Story to Run in Japan in October

The October issue (on sale on September 6) of Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine has announced that Harold Sakuishi's Beck rock-and-roll manga will get a side story in the next issue on October 6. The original manga portrays the rise of a Japanese rock band and how that rise changes the lives of the band members. The manga ended just this past June in Japan, and 12 million copies of the first 33 volumes have been published so far. The 34th and final volume will ship in Japan in October. For the 34th volume's special edition bundle, real-life stylist Daisuke Iga designed a T-shirt with the logos of the story's Grateful Sound 9 concert and various fictional gig spots.

October's 77-page side story will depict a crucial day in the life of a significant side character. Specifically, it will show "The Last Day of Eddie Lee," an American rocker who played a major role in lives of the two main members of the Beck rock band.


Anime Expo Organizers Picks New CFO, Steve Rezayat

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA), the non-profit organization that runs the Anime Expo convention, has announced that it has selected Steve M. Rezayat to be its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Its former CFO, Trulee Karahashi, had been promoted to be SPJA's current Chief Executive Officer in August of 2007. According to SPJA, Rezayat has 36 years of experience, a Master's degree in Management, and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.


The Wallflower inspires.

NYC Fashion Designer Inspired by Wallflower Manga

A New York Daily News profile of fashion designer Julie Haus reveals that her next collection is inspired by Tomoko Hayakawa's The Wallflower manga. The newspaper piece describes the manga's main character Sunako as "an edgy beauty engaged in a search for self," and the designer keeps copies of the manga in her studio. Dresses from the collection, which the New York City-based designer calls "Not a Wallflower," will be presented for the first time at a show that will coincide with the opening of the latest Fashion Week on Friday. Over the next eight days, designers from around the world will showcase their outfits for next spring's lineups.


Ryosuke's Report

Prince of Tennis Musical, Jump SQ. Mag to Collaborate

The October issue (released on September 4) of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine has announced that the publication will be collaborating with The Prince of Tennis musical on a "miraculous" future project. The project will be unveiled in the December issue when it goes on sale on November 4. Takeshi Konomi ended the original manga for The Prince of Tennis after nine years this past March, but the stage musical continues all across Japan and will branch out into Taiwan and South Korea this October.

Jump Square's official homepage began soliciting assistant artists for Konomi's "new project" in early August. Applicants (of any age, but must be non-smokers) are asked to reproduce pages 7 and 70 of Prince of Tennis manga volume 27 and to submit their versions as part of their application. Coincidentally, Viz Media just released volume 27 in North America this week.


Dragonball Movie Screencaps Reveled!

Screencaps from the upcoming Dragonball movie trailer have hit the web today. Personally, I the image of Piccalo(pale bald guy) makes me want to lose my lunch a little bit. The full trailer is set to release on October 17th, with the movie currently at a release date of April 7th (woah, a pattern of 7s?! How clever you are!!).

Head on over here for all the pictures.

(That's Bulma, in case you couldn't guess...I sure couldn't.)

Source: DBMovie.com