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First Bootleg Report!

Welcome To the first post of Bootleg News Reporter :D!
I consider these posts as a taste or summary of the real article available online. Each story has the link avaible for you to check out and discover new news sites. Also you’ll be able to see the pictures that come along with the articles.
My format is going to be rough for a while, till I figure out a definite system that works. So please bare with me.

I’ve broken the articles I found into different subjects. Each subject is in bold.

Anime Related News

Ghibli Founder Takahata to Base Next Film on Lullaby

Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata who directed directed Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, Pom Poko, and My Neighbors the Yamadas; will be making his next film based on a Japanese Lullaby.


Dragonball Movie Release Date Reportedly Pushed

The movie release date has been pushed back from August 15 2008 to April 3 2009.
The article also gives information on the actors involved with the film


Oh Boy! Another knuckle head person quoting a manga to threaten someone on youtube.

“Connecticut State Police arrested an 18-year-old on Sunday after he uploaded a clip to the YouTube video-sharing service that allegedly threatened the students of his former school and used a quote from the Naruto manga and anime character Gaara. The suspect, Brandon A. Brown of New London, Connecticut, had been expelled from Grasso Southeastern Technical High School last June. The allegedly threatening video contained a variation on Gaara's trademark line ("The Corpse's Crimson Bitter Tears Will Flow And Mingle Though [sic] The Endless Sand Feeding The Chaos In Me And Making Me Stonger [sic]") and a warning to Grasso students to "Beware All Those Who Cross My Path […] On March 19, 2008 THE END IS HERE.” The video was included in a user channel with two earlier, unrelated Gaara”


Manga Related News

Marvel’s Stan Lee and Shaman King's Takei to Join Forces

“The Japanese publisher Shueisha has announced that Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei will create a new project together to launch the Jump SQ.II (Jump Square Second) spinoff manga magazine on April 18. The announcement of the as-yet-unnamed project was made in the April issue of Jump Square magazine, which was released on March 4 in Japan.”

Nothing is known about the plot, but there is a rough sketch available to view.

Also “Shueisha announced earlier this year that Takei will draw a new ending for Shaman King for its deluxe Kang Zeng Bang (Kanzen-Ban) edition.” So if you were disappointed by the ending (like me and my friend) there is Hope!


Random Fun Articles

A Magazine catalog of free stuff

“The print magazine Tada Gets (which literally means “Things for free”) is a magazine composed entirely of QR codes (basically 2D codes which are square or dot-shaped modules arranged on a grid pattern. 2-D symbologies also come in a variety of other visual formats. Aside from circular patterns, there are several 2-D symbologies which employ steganography by hiding an array of different-sized or -shaped modules within a user-specified image). By scanning the codes, users link via mobile phone to free ringtones, decorations, games, music, pictures, and other content.The magazine is in it’s 5th issue”
The magazine cover is pretty cute in my opinion. It features some original anime characters.


Beer in Japan has Braille on can for blind drinkers

To distinguish beer cans from other canned drinks and also to aid the visually impaired, Japanese beer cans now feature Braille on the tops and sides of the cans. The Braille reads out “Alcohol” and some of Kirin Brewery's cans spell out "Kirin Beer".


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