So you wanna make a quiz...

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Making a quiz, as they say when you go through the steps, is a long and painstaking proccess but supposedly the most rewarding. It is advised that you have everything saved in another document in case the Guru does not accept your quiz, and also to have everything ready before you start filling out the info for it. But what is everything you need to know to submit a quiz?

Get out Notepad or another program you can type in to map out how you want your quiz to go, here I'll give you the structure that you'll be working with so all you have to do is copy/paste and mark checkboxes when you go through!

Most of this is copy/pasted directly from the submission form, my side comments are in {} brackets I will leave a sample of how I mapped out making a quiz at the end of the tutorial.

Wow, it's been nearly a year, but I finally submitted another quiz so this Making a Quiz Walkthrough is now officially complete!