Hello Again

Wow! Has it really been three/four years since I last dedicated some time to this site? ...Yeah, I guess it has. ^_^;

But I don't feel too bad about that, in all due honesty. For those curious about why that is, it is due to the things related to college that I have been able to complete: major projects, community service, two conferences, several shows, and last but not least, graduation. (Cum Laude, baby!!!)

Of course, this means that I have largely been out of the loop in terms of anime and what's currently hot in the world of manga, but I'm willing to adapt and/or take suggestions. I'm also willing to tap into an old promise I made on this site a long time ago related to history: if anyone is willing to grant me three months time, I will accept a possible topic to research and present a short discussion/presentation on for this page.

If anyone would like to share a few words related to these topics, or just want to have some random chatter, let me know in the comment box.

Thank you for your time!