Kinda depressing...

Hey y'all. It seems official: I am unable to make comments. Don't worry, it's not because I can't think of anything to say. It's because nowadays when I click the "comment" option I end up getting an html page that won't allow me to say anything. Does anybody in the studio audience have any ideas on how to fix this rather frustrating delimma?

In other news, we actually had a minor earthquake hit an area about sixty miles away from San Antonio. Nothing to brag about really, but dang if it didn't catch us off guard! In point of fact, this is the first time that I've ever even heard of something like that happening around here (and I've only been living in this city for a little over ten years).

In other, other news, the ex-Libian president is dead. Whoopdie-fraggin'-doo. Now if Lybia is smart, they will be careful and maticulous about establishing a new government. If not, well...does "the reign of terror" ring a bell? (Sarcasm aside, I am rather glad about the news. I just remain skeptical about what's to unfold next due to the rather modern tendency to rush into almost everything without a clear picture of long-term effects.)

In other, other, other news, Halloween is almost here! And to think it falls on a Monday no less. Gosh, darn it if the time doesn't fly...

No mas. Hasta luego! ^_^