A Matter of Chance

Okay, so I haven't actually played Pokemon: Black since...May maybe? So I decided to start a new game. As usual, I started out with a girl character and went through the usual wait to finally pick my first pokemon.

First off, I have to admit that I wasn't all that impressed with the starters for this generation of pokemon, and neither did I really enjoy partaking in the others. I don't know, most of them didn't just grab my attention like they normally do. (Yamask was pretty cool though, especially when that sucker evolved! Go, my precious demon-coffin!!! >8D )

Anyway, I ended up chosing the same starter as my first round, Snivy, and was surpised to find that for the first time in the ten years that I've been playing this darn series that finally I snagged a girl. Dude, I've gotten so used to naming my starters after Greek gods that this one threw me for a loop. One smily, confused, festive loop! While on my high I--natually--ended up defeating the friends that they give you in the beginning.

Which by the way, I find this little addition to the Pokemon franchise refreshing. Seriously, it's about time that the main character actually had some semblance of a social life before going out on solo mission from an all-too-trusting professor. And I don't even want to talk about the whole rival thing; I don't think that they've worn that theme out, mind you, but gosh darn it, not every 10-year old has to worry about some high profile punk with delusions of grandure.

Going back on topic, when I was finally given the chance I decided to name that Snivy Aisling. (I would've gone with Demeter to stay true to the Greek theme, really I would've, but it just didn't have the same ring to it as "Aisling" does.) Glad that that first part was over with, I went to go save my game so that I could really get cracking on my next predetermined adventure with pokemon.

One problem.

You know that silly little thing that Nintendo has been doing with save files since Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl? You know, that little function that spares your file from being accidentally deleated if you try to start a new game?


This idiot here plum forgot about that and had to find out the hard way that my dear little Aisling was never meant to be.

I can't even begin to tell you how mad I was at that blunder! In my silent frustration ("silent" because I was in the car with my family and I didn't want to make a scene), I turned my DS off and didn't even look at the darn thing until the next day.

The good news in all of this?

When I finally picked up the DS again to play the game, I started out as a guy--and for some reason named him Alfred--so that I could avoid digging out the manual from where I left it, learn the button sequence to delete my older file, and finally move on with my life. Sure enough, I did just that, went back to playing a girl and by some divine intervention managed to get a female Snivy all over again.

Funny how this world works, no?