As the title implies, I created this just for fun. ^_^ I mainly intend to use this as a means to jot down whatever comes to mind, and (provided that I feel like it) put down some stuff on history. I'll try not to be too judgemental about topics that tend to be extremely sensitive like politics. (No, no, scratch that--especially politics.)

As a side note, I'm also going to start using this as a means to announce when I have updated my story Tides of Fate or anything else related to it.

For those wondering what I look like, here's a picture!

(Surprised that I'm still not showing my real face? Too bad! >D *evil laughter*)

Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!


Just kidding! XD Actually, the reason for this small post is this: I go back to school tomorrow. Yep. School. That higher institution of learning stuff that doesn't directly involve everyday stuff (like insurance). Truthfully, I'm rather excited to be going back. Why? sure beats watching TV all day! XD I'll come back with an update on this post come the 24th (details will be mentioned then). Later y'all! X3

(Why King Bumi? The real question is, "why not King Bumi?" 8D )

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm back again! (Well, actually I've been back for about three weeks now. I've just been too lazy to do much of anything lately.)

First, I have to mention that the vacation I had with my family was spectacular! I won't get into too much detail, but I will say that we went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, and took a colonial tour of Jamestowne, Yorktowne, and Williamsburg. In other words, for about four and a half days straight we were walking around outside for about eight hours or so each. (Not to say that it wasn't bad because we saw and experienced a lot of stuff in all of those places. However, Aduro did tell us by either the second or thrid day that we were killing her and that she is plotting her revenge. We'll see how that goes though. TTwTT )

Second, man my butt's never been more sore! Yeah, I can sit through an 1100 mile trip with the best of them, but with the extra driving we did this summer I our total amount of miles easily cracked 2000. Thank God for radios, portable entertainment systems, and the good old imagination. Without those, I think I would've lost that last shread of sanity that I claim to have. (I say "claim" because I don't know if it's actually there or not. Hec, I think I might have loaned it to somebody and they haven't given it back to me yet. XD )

Finally, Dorathy was right; there's no place like home. Sure, right now home is experiencing one of its hottest summers on record complete with nonexistant rain, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying my own bed in my own room with no one else's snoring but my own to contend with.

What to expect? Well...I was thinking about the unexpected, but that's normal for this website, isn't it? XD

Shadweh, over and out. Later y'all! XD

Quick Announcement

Okay y'all, I just want to make this quick post to welcome my cousin, Athena Mew, to the wonderful world that is theOtaku! Welcome aboard!!! XD Here's a present:

Later! XD

Road Trip!

I'll be MIA for a while due to travel. Later y'all! ^_^ (I don't know if where I'm headed will have that great of internet connection or if I'll be able to do much while I'm gone, but only time will tell. Good thing I know how to entertain myself, right? ^_^; )

Avatars and Casual News

Hey there y'all! I just wanted to say that life is good. Why? Because I passed my first year of College with a 3.5 GPA. X3 (*victory dance*) Other than that, not much else to report other than I'm being taken to another state about a week from now. I'll still be able to communicate...I think...well, we'll see how that goes. ^^;

As for the Avatar. The new one you see here is to pay homage to one of my favorite videogames out there: Suikoden V. X3 I would've done another Hallow Bastion-themed one, but I felt like going a different rout for a while.

Have a great day everyone! ^_^